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    Hey guys. So since I last posted the teams went to Dubai, China, and Finland where we lost Kelly and Taylor and Mickey and Jay (By the way the two placed in 12th. Just like DipDap said.) So anyway I decided it was too much of a hassel to write about who got eliminated and how you feel after sombody gets the boot. So I decided to group up how all of you feel about the eliminated in one blog. I was a little hesitant to continue becasue I did not get any comments at all about the previous two but that has changed. Below you will see a list of questions about the eliminated pairs and I ask that you answer them. See you next time.

    Kelly and Taylor- Mother and Daughter

    1. What did you like/hate about them? Please answer why.

    2. What was their best …

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    Considering how my blogs have been latly I've decided to change things. Instead of a breif explanation of how people think about them I will tell you Their history on the show and how people felt about them. By the time of this Blogs release The Vegans and The Bloggers have already been eliminated.

    Laurie and Miles -The Vegans

    Since the Beginning of the show Laurie and Miles have captured the hearts of many Wiki members with their caring nature and love for animals. Overall the two had done a great job of development and have caused much sadness amongst the community when they got eliminated, and even more when we found out they have crashed on an island of cannibals. Basically Laurie and Miles have left apositive impact on the fans. However…

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    Hey guys this is The Great Racer here with something I gotta tell. The first blog was a sucess with so many reviews.Obviously the main part of that was due to a flame war in the comments but I digress. Here is what you think of the first 3 eliminated teams.



    Leonerd and Tammy- LARPers

    Returing from Pahkitew Island Is the wizard Leonerd and this time he is not alone. He has his friend Tammy along for the ride. Appearently you all thought that those two were first and guess what? You were right. Some of you actually like their backstory and I don't blame you. However some of you just did not plain out like them. Welp. They could have been a bit more interesting but I gu…

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    Hey fellow TD fans. This is The Great Racer hear with a brand spanking new blog.

    So while looking at reviews of the Ridonculous Race I saw a lot of comments about the teams and that got me thinking. Why not write a blog about how people feel about them. So after every eliminated team gets the boot I will write about how people feel about all those that got kicked out of the race, So after every episode I will post a blog about the eliminated contestant. In your review I want you to tell me what you think about the team that got the boot. Then after I write a blog about said eliminated team I ask you to comment on that blog about the next eliminated team. In the event of a non-elimination episode then I will blog about something else.

    So I wo…

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    The Defense of Dwayne

    September 9, 2015 by The Great Racer

    My fellow TD fans I blog to you to clear up and help a character that was greatly damaged in reputation. I am talking about Dwayne from RR. As DipDap has already stated the comment Dwayne said in episode 2 was very offensive and I agree. However that one comment is not enough to have us make a decision on what type of person Dwayne is. Now obviously I respect people and how they live their lives and hold no predjudice against those people.

    First off let's look at the positive traits of Dwayne. For one thing he is a friendly person to other competitors like when he apologized to the Ice Dancers for hitting them with a trash can. He also cares greatly for his son Junior being the father he is. He is also shown to do what he can to help his so…

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