Hey guys, this really makes me sad to say this, but....I've been noticing I've been losing a lack of interest in Total Drama lately, plus I will be pretty busy with school and such, which explains my lack of activity on and off of chat. SO, I came to say, that I will be gone for quite a while, I can't promise when I'll come back (or if I even will, due to the aftermentioned loss of interest).

Anyway, this newfound lack of interest in Total Drama mainly stems from the fact that, I'm just not as into the show as I used to be. RR was pretty good, PI redeemed the franchise for me....but, anything seems better after AS so, that's kind of a given. RR was awesome though, I would hope that future installments of the franchise are like it, but considering the show's current's doubtful (sorry for the negativity).

Anyway, back on to my topic, yeah, I'm going to be taking a break from wikia, and Total Drama in general. I'll miss you guys, I wish you luck, and I hope I can talk to you guys again in the near future.


The Flaming Sword of Fury

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