Ah, Total Drama All Stars, how you reeked of failure. Not only have you filled us with many dissapointments, but you've also trashed the reputation of several of your cast. Anyway, to the real reason I made this know a year ago, I could understand all the hate on All Stars, but now it's gotten to the point where it's become basic beating of the dead horse.

I mean there's nothing more to be said about this season that hasn't already been said, the finale and Sundae Muddy Sundae were bad, but every bad stinker has at least one hidden good moment, the latter didn't have one, but the former did. Who could forget the Aleheather hook up, yes even though it was gross and out of character it was still kind of cute, I remember younger me slightly d'awwing at that. In all honesty, when PI came out, I was expecting critques on it, not only on its pros but its cons, while I did see some of that, when I was still a random lurker, it became drier in recent months. Ok, people I can understand if you hate this season, it's ok I understand, I hate it too, you have the right to your opinion. But when you still criticize a season that aired nearly a year ago, and bash all of the flaws of that season, that have been hammered into everybody else's head, it gets annoying, very annoying. 

You know, not everyone hated this season. There were people who liked it, most of them hide out in other dens, such as the DA TD fandom, or the TD facebook fandoms, not every fan of TD hangs out here, I know I sure didn't until August. Let me just say this one thing, this season was bad, but it could've been worse, much much worse. The TD staff even noted how bad it was, need I say more? I like that there are people critiquing the things they like, and not just fangirling over it, but can we please switch over to another subject?

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