The Flaming Sword of Fury

aka Anna

  • I live in In America
  • I was born on October 24
  • My occupation is High School Student
  • I am Female, thank you. Also desperate to roleplay Kitty again, or roleplay period.
  • The Flaming Sword of Fury

    Hello friendos, Flame here with another installment of HNH! This time, it's all the contestants in the show, including RR. To keep the game from going on too long, everyone starts with 10 points. (20 is the max a contestant can have btw).

    And also, another extra rule, NO MAKING SOCKS! I dealt with this the last time I did this, and it is extremely annoying. Anyone caught doing this will immediately have the previous vote they made nullified.

    You can choose to hurt and heal any competitor you wish, once a day.

    Name: Points: Rank:
    Brick 9
    Bridgette 12
    Brody 10
    Carrie 8
    Chet 5
    Courtney 10
    Crimson 10
    Dakota 11
    Dawn 11
    DJ 10
    Duncan 11
    Dwayne 10
    Ella 10
    Emma 10
    Ennui 10
    Geoff 10
    Gerry 10
    Gwen 13
    Harold 7
    Heather 15
    Izzy 10
    Jacques 10
    Jasmine 10
    Jay 10
    Jen 10
    Jo 10
    Josee 8

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  • The Flaming Sword of Fury

    Hey guys, this really makes me sad to say this, but....I've been noticing I've been losing a lack of interest in Total Drama lately, plus I will be pretty busy with school and such, which explains my lack of activity on and off of chat. SO, I came to say, that I will be gone for quite a while, I can't promise when I'll come back (or if I even will, due to the aftermentioned loss of interest).

    Anyway, this newfound lack of interest in Total Drama mainly stems from the fact that, I'm just not as into the show as I used to be. RR was pretty good, PI redeemed the franchise for me....but, anything seems better after AS so, that's kind of a given. RR was awesome though, I would hope that future installments of the franchise are like it, but consi…

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  • The Flaming Sword of Fury

    Ok, so guys I think I have figured out the mystery of the TD timeline, basically here's how it goes:

    TDI: Takes place in Summer 2008, the original generation is 16

    TDA: Takes place two days after the TDI special, original generation is stil 16

    TDWT: Takes place in Winter 2009, seeing as Cody has his 18th birthday in Awww Drumheller! 

    TDROTI: Takes place in Summer 2010, Chris is a rich man, it is possible that it wasn't that very hard for him to buy the island back, or he bribed the people who took care of it while he was away.

    TDAS: Summer 2011, proven by the fact that Chris was in prison for a year, and that Alejandro said he was stuck in a suit for that length of time.

    TDPI: Fall/Winter 2011, depending on how much time it took for Chris to get…

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  • The Flaming Sword of Fury

    Ok! People of Total Drama wiki, I come to bring you a new activity! This one's a bit special. You see, it's called a "Hurt and Heal". A hurt and heal has each character start off with 5 points, when the character is hurt they lose a point, when the character is healed they gain a point. Once a character has reached 0 points they are out, the maximum number of points a character can hold at a time is 20, no more, no less. You can vote to heal 1 character, and hurt another character each on each day. No healing or hurting more than that, or your vote will not be counted. I guess I shall also specify on one teeny tiny little thing, vote based on your opinion! You vote, by posting in the comments, every vote you make, I will record, and update…

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  • The Flaming Sword of Fury

    Starting from today I shall be leaving the wiki. I don't really have a reason why, I just am. It was nice knowing you all and I hope someday we shall see eachother again. Unfortunately real life right now is pulling a strain on me. So goodbye TD wiki and all my friends!

    And if you believed that, shame on you!

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