Summary-After suffering a losing streak, Alejandro begins to lose confidence-in his team and himself.

Why do I always fail?

I never get anywhere in time, no matter how fast I run.

It's always failure after failure after failure.
Tyler can't do anything without falling on his own ass, Noah doens't care about anything, Owen's stupid, and Izzy's too busy being insane to do anything useful.
But what

Are my skills really that predictable? Have I really lost my edge, forever?

No girl on the show can resist me, except for Heather and Courtney. I don't give a damn about Courtney but Heather has done enough to rain on my parade.
I act like I'm so perfect,and everyone [who has a brain, including Heather] despises me for it. Sometimes I think I can't amount to anything anymore.

Wait..what am I thinking? I'm not supposed to be talking like some loser. I need to keep my head up. It's the only way I can win.

Have I really lost it? I look down at my passport, unsure whether to stamp it or someone else's. Ugh. My head is spinning with thoughts of ending it forever. Nothing will change if I do; people will still be going gaga over me.
But I will lose a chance at a million dollars.

And everyone at home's admiration.

And the closest thing I've ever had to friends.

Slowly, I stamp Owen's passport and walk out the door.

Did I do the right thing?

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