There are people around who like Duncan and Courtney, there are people who like Duncan and Gwen, and their are people who want both to get off screen and focus on Aleheather.
I am one of those people.
I am not a fan of either of these couples and I never will be. Both of them are inresting to write about, but I don't like them.

Personal Analysis: Before TDWT

Gwen was originally with Trent, and Duncan was orginally with Courtney. Everyone was happy and everything was where it was supposed to be.
But then season 2 came, and all of a sudden Duncan and Courtney became this dysfunctional couple that wouldn't shut up, and Gwen dumps Trent and is all of a sudden all over Duncan. I was thinking "But..what about Trent?" But it was okay then. Duncan and Courtney were able to keep their relationship intact, and Gwen maturely admitted that she and Duncan were just friends. Trent should have vouched for her though, and Geoff shouldn't have exploited it JUST FOR FRIGGIN RATINGS. 
In the TDA special, when Gwen admitted her crush on Duncan, I was like "Okay?" At the end, when Gwen was being called a "boyfriend stealer" I was thinking, "I like Gwen, but she should stay the hell away if she knows what's good for her." As much as I don't give a damn about DxC, I give a damn about its fans and I didn't want 10 of my friends going emo because their favorite couple was ruined (one of them actually went emo.)
Despite the good points I made, Courtney was sort of a bad girlfriend.
She was the one who made their relationship as annoying as it was, with the slaps and the I hate yous and the abuse of Duncan's English tea bags. And all Duncan ever did was love her. He wasn't unfaithful, ever. She just straight up abused him and tried to be the one in charge of the relationship. Then she expects him to be this perfect fairy tale boyfriend and follow all her rules and such.

Remember TDDDDI? Duncan got hurt and Courtney didn't do anything; she only thought about the money; this is made more evident by the TDA finale when she got back together with him.
Either she still loved him, or she fell back in love with him because of the money.

During TDWT

TDWT was when things started getting bad, and I mean BAD. With Duncan gone, things were good, especially between Gwen and Courtney. But when Duncan does come back, he cheats with Gwen.
First of all, let me just make note of what someone said back in episode 15 of TDWT.
"I'd never cheat on my Lindsay the way he {Duncan} hurt Courtney!"-Tyler

Cheating is wrong. It is a crime and a rather immature way to end a relationship. If you don't like the relationship, BREAK UP WITH THEM FIRST. Both Duncan and Gwen are at fault for

a: Betraying Courtney and not thinking about the consequences

b: Putting their relationship before the game
Duncam first of all cheats on Courtney, shows no remorse, even when Gwen was suffering at the hands of her team. Then, he along with Alejandro tries to use the whole thing to his team's advantage by letting ol' Al flirt with Courtney (whom he should have apologized to) when she and the rest of them were already going through enough. He could have done something about his so called lover's elimination, but nooo, he just let them all suffer. Duncan is a d****e, a backstabber, and an overall loser for doing such a terrible thing and to show no remorse.
BUT, I am not giving Gwen a pass "BECAUSE IT WAS ALL DUNKIN'S FAULT, BLAH, BLAH." It was wrong of Gwen to not think of the consequences.
She should have swallowed her pride and told Courtney the truth, but instead she lied and let everything take its course the hard way. Alejandro finds out, Courtney finds out, Courtney is pissed, and Gwen loses a friend. After that, she didn't even try to make peace. She even BRAGGED about the kiss in the confessional. And then she's like "Everyone hates me, what should I do?!" APOLOGIZE, DA***T! But no. Her and Duncan go "mwah mwah mwah" some more. She should have told the truth and realized what she and Duncan were doing was wrong. And Gwen herself said in episode 10 that Heather shouldn't let Alejandro get in her way. Then she lets her little crush get in her way. And remember Search And Do Not Destroy? Gwen went through the same thing yet she has the nerve to do the same thing to Courtney.
Worst of all, she only cared about Duncan. She didn't try to patch things up. She didn't apologize. Yesterday I watched Greece's Pieces, and all I could think about today was how disgusted I was with Gwen and how she handled the whole thing.

Courtney didn't handle it well at all. And as innocent as she may seem, she is just as at fault as anybody else. After the EX-files, Duncan was not her boyfriend anymore. She didn't have to spend so much time obsessing over it. I She had every right to be mad, but seriously. She should have kicked him clear out of her life. She should have gotten over it. (I KNOW SHE WAS CHEATED ON AND IT'S HARD TO GET OVER IT. BUT EVEN SHE HAD TO MOVE ON SOME TIME.)
She was just being a priss as usual but much worse. Although I feel the most sympathy for her, she acted like a crazed movie villain. She went kinda too far, but she had every right to be mad. She put the entire team (except Cody and partially Heather) against Gwen which was totally selfish, and sung a stupid song about it to boot. I hated how she acted because for someone being cheated on, she could have handled it without losing her sanity. I guess my opinion is I approve of her actions, but the same time I don't.

I don't think Gwen is a s**t or w***e for "stealing" Duncan. I think she is a hypocrite who should have realized the error of her ways and SHOULDN'T have chosen Duncan over her friendship with Courtney and the game. I don't think Courtney is a b***h who deserved to be cheated on because she was such a bad girlfriend to Duncan. I don't hate any of them. I never will.

Final Analysis

What I dislike about this triangle the most is what it did to Total Drama World Tour. It seemed like the perfect season till it came along. I still like Courtney, Duncan, and Gwen. Just not as much as I used to. Not to mention both couples, and the triangle itself, are extremley overrated. Every time I watch a video related to those three, there's always some hooping and hollering about DxG, and whining amd crying about DxC. WE GET IT, OKAY? *watches an AxH video*

They all messed up. They were all wrong. Most fans just like to point the blame at just one person, but it's all their faults.

Thanks for listening. 

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