This is just so hard to beileve. I thought I'd make it to the top and take everyone else down. But I didn't. And they all took me down. This is all just...a bad dream. When I wake up, everyone will still be in Hawaii and cheering for us.

Duncan and Courtney will fight, then kiss, like always. And Esper will call me "Stupid Al.." And so will Owen. And everyone.

And everything will be alright.

But everything is not alright.

My heart is hurt, shattered, and dead. I am dead. Esper takes me out of the robot, and brings a mirror over to me. "Good as new!" She quirks. I simply nod; I cannot look at myself. I look at a milk carton and I see my face. I'm a missing person, but I don't care. I don't want to go home. I don't want to see anyone ever again.

"How dare you!" Yolanda, my aunt, screams into the phone. She calls me all sorts of names as I hold the phone, biting my lip, trying not to break down. "How dare you embarass the Burromuerto name! You wicked idiot! How could you? Can't you do something right for once?"
"I didn't mean it..." I reply. "It all just happened.."
"Really? You just happened to degrade almost all the ladies you were competing with? I nearly had a heart attack when you kissed that blonde girl. You just happened to cheat out many people, all of which deserved the prize more than you ever did? You are a pure embarassment. Unless I hear from your father, you are to never come home! Never!"

She hangs up. Tears come to my eyes, and I sit down and cry.

I run a hand through my newly grown hair. I heard the million dollars got burned, but what happened to everyone else? Are they dead?

My answer comes as I hear the door open. There is my team.

Duncan, Noah, Izzy, Tyler, and Owen, who jumps on me and cries. I guess he thought I died. In truth, I wish I did. People might feel relieved to see their friends again after things like this happen, but it makes me feel like the worst person in the world.


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