I've given several different thoughts since TDRI info has been released. Even though I know that it's too early to assume anything about the characters, I just love writing predictions. So here I'm going to write down all of my thoughts based on the early information that we have. First off, I am basing my predictions off Dawn being the pale blonde, Dakota being the tall blonde, and Zoey being the red-haired girl.

First Impression

Ann Maria - Interesting one here. I can't stand Jersey Shore. So I actually think that I'll love a character who parodies it. I can see her getting on my nerves easily, but also becoming one of my favorites.

B - Interesting one here. It all depends. If B stays silent the entire season, he could either be epic, or get boring. I'm honestly not sure how long it'll be before he gets on my nerves.

Brick - Since the original designs of the characters were posted, Brick's design has been my least favorite. Still is. But he could possibly still be a good character. They haven't really had anyone in Total Drama like him. I'm thinking that there could be a friendship between him and Chef.

Cameron - I think that Cameron looks like a pretty good character. Not as great of a nerd/geek as Cody or Noah, at least based on my first impression. But I'll like him.

Dakota - We actually seem to know the least about her right now. It seems to me that she has a good chance of being a villain. She'll be the type of character that I love to hate.

Dawn - My early favorite. She looks awesome, and with a stereotype like "Moonchild," she may be one of the most unique characters ever on Total Drama.

Jo - First off, she reminds of Sue Sylvester. I instantly love her, for that alone. She might be a bit of an Eva rip-off, but time will tell. Her conflict with Ann Maria should be pretty interesting. I think I'll really like her.

Lightning - Seems to me that he might be the first black character to be able to contend. Seems strong, athletic, and has major winner potential. I also think that I'll love him. Good to have an athlete who's actually good at sports.

Mike - Might just be my favorite character. His stereotype makes him sound like he'll be really charismatic and interesting. Also thinking that he'll have a relationship with Zoey.

Sam - Originally I didn't think I'd like him all that much. But hearing that he's a gamer changes everything. Could end up being one of my favorites. And being voiced by Brian Froud will probably help him in the competition.

Scott - Ah the season villain. I actually don't think that I'll like him all that much. I hate that they changed his shirt color. White makes his design just seem bland imo. Should be fun to watch on the show, but won't be a favorite.

Staci - I was really hoping that Staci would be a great, not annoying character. But knowing that she's a compulsive liar, and seeing that clueless grin in her design, I'm thinking that she will be annoying. Really too bad.

Zoey - I think that she'll be great. I don't totally know how to think of her being an "Indie chick." But I'm thinking that it means she'll be a really independent person and I like that a lot.

Love so far: Dawn, Mike, Zoey, Sam, Jo

Like so far: Lightning, Dakota, Cameron, Ann Maria

Dislike so far: Brick, B, Scott, Staci

Chances to Win

(Not predictions btw)

Won't Do Well:

Staci - First off, she's a compulsive liar. And the fourth episode seems to be called "Truth or Losing Streak." Makes perfect sense for her to leave there.

Cameron - I'd like to think that he'll do well, but with a stereotype like "The Bubble Boy," I'd be surprised if he lasted a long time.

B - He should be able to last a few episodes. But he doesn't talk. Even if he's smart, how long will it take for his gag to go stale? Not too long. It'll be amusing for a while but not nearly enough for a full season.

Could Go Either Way:

Brick - Originally I predicted Brick to be the first eliminated. But someone brought up a good point to me. His team seems to lack a leader without him. And he looks like a potentially strong character. Based on his stereotype, I kinda changed my mind on him being a mean character. It's still a possiblity. I can't tell weather or not Brick will be respected by his team. So he may or may not do well.

Jo - She seems like the kind of character who wouldn't get along too well with her team. But she also seems like she'll be good at challenges, and someone that the writers will like. She reminds me of Sue Sylvester so much. It's tough for me to say if she'll leave early.

Ann Maria - Someone with a stereotype like "The Jersey Shore Reject" will make for a hilarious character. But also one who gets in a lot of fights, and isn't all that liked by her team. This one really could go either way. She appears to be important, and have a lot of plot early. This could be good or bad.

Will Go Far, But Won't Win:

Scott - Seems to be the villain. Not that a villain can't win. Season 3 proved that. But since it did just happen, I'd be stunned if a villain won again.

Dakota - Reminds me a lot of Heather based on her appearence and description. She's probably in the same boat as Scott. Even if she's not a villain, she'll be someone prissy and annoying who will probably be percieved as more of an antagonist.

Mike - Originally I thought that Mike would be a contender. I still think that he'll be the main comic relief for the show, and he sounds like an awesome character. But if he's bipolar, and kind of crazy, I'm not sure if he could ever actually take the whole thing. Even though Owen won Season 1 through mainly comic relief, at least he was sane.

Have a Chance to Win:

Dawn - Has potential to be one of the most unique characters to ever be created. Being different always helps. She doesn't seem like a character will be either a hero or a villain, but more of an anti-hero. No reaal reason to think that she can't do well.

Sam - Before the stereotype came out, I didn't think he'd do quite as well. A gamer will probably be really popular with fans, as well as the creators. Plus, Sam's design is based off of Scott McCord I believe. Definitely has winner potential.

Lightning - He's athletic, seems like a type of person who will be well-liked. Seems nice, based on his facial expression in that picture. Maybe a bit clueless. But we haven't had a black character win yet, or a jock who's actually good at sports. I could see Lightning taking it all.

Zoey - Zoey is the most interesting character in my opinion, just in terms of how little we know about her. Her design was completely changed, and we only know that she's indie. That probably means that she's a really independent person. With Ann Maria and Jo as the other girls on her team, I can see her doing well. Tough to say for sure, but a free spirit is the kind of character that could win Total Drama.

Elimination Predictions

13th - Cameron: I've gone back and fourth on this one. First off, I think that there's a high probability of a guy being the first to leave. There were more guys than girls to begin with in the season. And based on evidence that I've gathered, the Maggots are going to lose the first two contestants. It seems as if all of the Rats survive by the time episode 4 comes along. So it would have to be a guy from the Maggots leaving. Mike seems way too important. It's between Cameron and Brick. I keep thinking about Ann Maria and Jo's conflict, and how one of these guys could end up leaving. I predict the first episode to be non-elimination, and have Cameron leave in episode 2. It seems that he's just not fit for the competition, wanting to be in his bubble. And I don't see him having a major plot. At least, I think he'll have the least on the Maggots. And that will be grounds for an early elimination.

12th - Brick: At this point, another Maggot would need to leave. I have a feeling that the writers will want to have Ann Maria and Jo's conflict last for a little while. Mike and Zoey may have a relationship, or at least I think so. That only leaves Brick. I'm not exactly sure how he might leave, but it seems logical.

11th - Staci: Ah, episode four. It's called "Truth or Losing Streak." This means that the Maggots will be on a losing streak if they lose again. And considering that Staci is a compulsive liar, and "Truth" is in the title, it seems more than likely for her to leave here.

10th - B: So by this time, it's episode 5. If B has actually remained silent all this time, his gag is getting old. Out of all the remaining Rats in the competition, he seems the most likely to leave at this point. All of the other characters seem like they may have genuine plot, while he'll just be there for the silent plot.

9th - Jo: This is the toughest prediction so far. I think it'll be either Jo or Ann Maria that leaves here. Three guys have already left, and only one girl. So it'll probably be a girl in this slot. On the Rats, I can't see Dakota or Dawn leaving quite this early. And I still think that Zoey will last a while on the Maggots. So between Ann Maria and Jo, I just went with who seems to be a more important character, and that'll probably me Ann Maria imo. She might have a plot with the other team when the merge comes, while Jo probably won't.

8th - Dawn: This has now become the toughest prediction so far. Dawn as of now is my favorite characters and I don't want to think that she'll leave so early. With the numbers even, it is a possiblity for a guy to leave. But each guy in the competition seems like he'll have an important role at the merge. And Dakota might be a villain-type character. It's possible that the people on Dawn's team just won't understand her. And I could see her leaving right before the merge. And depending on what "Moonchild" means, I could see her "cursing" the contestants still in the game right before the merge happens. I hope that I'm wrong with this one though.

Merge: Ann Maria, Lightning, Zoey, Mike, Scott, Dakota, Sam. Going to make an early prediction and say that Zoey x Mike will happen, Dakota x Scott will happen, and Ann Maria x Lightning will happen. I've thought this since the beginning and I still think it.

7th: Sam - This is another tough one to say. I have a feeling that the creators will love Sam. He's voiced by Brian Froud and he's a gamer. But I don't think that Lightning, Mike, or Scott would actually leave this early. I think that they'll want to even out the girls and guys at this point, so I'd be surprised if a girl left. And if those relationships actually do happen, it'd be typical of the producers to make them the Final 6.

6th: Mike - Before we had the trailer and info about the contestants, I predicted Mike to go to the top. But with him having a personality disorder, I'm not sure if I can see that happening now. Honestly, I think it's either him and Lightning in the Final 2 for the guys. And the creators might want a black character in the final 2 for the first time. As for having a guy elimination here, it could be a girl. But it's tough to say. 5th and 6th position could switch.

5th: Dakota - At this point, I'm really thinking that Zoey and Lightning will be the final 2. Other final 2 candidates are Mike, Sam, and Dawn. But I see all of the other characters as being too villainous, or just incapable of winning. And with those 3 other characters gone, the path would be paved for Zoey and Lightning. It's just a matter of who leaves first out of Dakota, Ann Maria, and Scott. Hmm, rethinking this, maybe I have these three too much credit. :P Oh well, I'm already too far in to make changes. Anyway, Dakota seems like she'll be important but not as villainous as Scott and it'd be a little too predictable to have Dakota and Scott leave right after one another. I think that 5th would be appropriate for Dakota.

4th: Ann Maria - She'll either have a semi-early elimination, or go pretty far. I think that she'll have a good run and bring a ton of drama to this season. Maybe even become a fan favorite. But she'll be too annoying and hated by the other contestants to take the whole thing.

3rd: Scott - Yeah, it's kinda predictable for the villain to take third. I leave the possibility open of him finishing in fourth. But he'll do really well considering that his stereotype describes him as being "devious." I really don't think that he'd make the final 2 through his tactics though.

Final 2 - Lightning and Zoey: It all would depend on the voters at this point. In my opinion, these will be two characters who are important throughout the season, and have a relationship, a fanbase, and everything needed to do well. As I said before, other final 2 candidates would be Mike, Sam, and Dawn. Can't see anyone other than those 5 in the finale though.

And that's all folks. Can't believe I spent so much time on this. Please comment, and don't leave me thinking that I wrote it for nothing. :P

~ TC

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