Hey guys, this is the lead-in special for my upcoming fanfic: Total Drama Virtual Reality. This takes place immediately following Season 4 and leads into Season 5. Warning: It is long. Be prepared to read the whole thing. And pay attention because it jumps around a lot. Anyway, here it is. Enjoy!

12 formerly new contestants from Total Drama Reloaded are standing at a bus stop. Zoey had won just a week ago after going up against Lightning. They are waiting for Chris McClean to arrive.

Lightning: I still can’t believe that I lost. The victory was in my hands.

Mike: Dude, after that challenge that’s not the only place it was.(Chukcles)

Lightning: (Blushing) That wasn’t my fault! I had a blindfold on, man! I didn’t know where I was reachin’!

Zoey: Don’t worry Lightning. Let’s get off the topic of you losing and talk about me winning. That’ll cheer everyone up.

Lightning: (Quietly) Yeah, everyone but me.

Brick: Consider yourself lucky, I was the first one voted off. And I’m still not happy about it!

Dakota: Are you kidding me? You practically tried to kill Cameron.

Mary: I don’t see what the big deal was. Cameron’s annoying anyway.

Cameron: Gee, thanks.

Mary: Don’t take it personally, I’m just making an observation. Your team had a bunch of sissies.

Brick: Finally someone who sees it my way, some people are just asking to be beat up.

Ron: You’re one of ‘em. And if you were that size, a lot of people would have considered it.

Brick: If I was that size, I probably really would have asked to be beaten up. Put me out of my misery.

Cameron: Again, gee thanks.

(Chris pulls up in an SUV)

Scott: Chris, what happened to the limo that you were picking us up in?

Chris: No “Hello Chris, nice to see you?”

Scott: No, where’s the limo?

Chris: (Annoyed) Due to budget cuts, we decided not to rent one.

Molly: Budget cuts? Does this have to do with the show?

Chris: I’m glad that you asked Molly! You are meeting up with all of the old contestants and the ones that you went up against last season to participate in a challenge which will decide which contestants will compete in Season 5!

Cameron: Uh Chris, there’s only room for seven of us in that car.

Chris: Oh yeah, I probably should have thought that one through.

(Chef rolls down window)

Chef: Chris, are we outta’ here yet?

Chris: Oh yeah, Chef is here too. Make that six seats. I’ll just make two trips. Let’s see, who should come first?

Staci: Me!

Scott: Make that four seats. (Mike snickers)

Chris: I can’t let you pick, where would the fun be in that? Let’s see, I’ll take you, you, you, you, you, and you. (Points to Scott, Zoey, Lightning, Dakota, Mike, and Mary)

Stacie: Aw, try and hurry back.

Chris: Will do, let’s go gang!

(Everyone gets in and Chris drives off)

All of the other contestants from Total Drama Island to Total Drama Reloaded are waiting for Chris at Playa De Losers at Camp Wakanakwa.

Izzy: So Tyler, how does it feel losing right before the finale. It’s like you were leading the pack of losers, you know what I’m saying?

Tyler: Yes Izzy, I unfortunately do. Thanks for reminding though.

Izzy: No problem buddy. When you need moral support, make sure to call your Aunt E-Scope!

Courtney: Ugh, where is Chris with everyone else? He’s ten minutes late!

Noah: Why are you so eager to see the guy that you’ve sued a couple hundred times too many? I say the longer away from Chris the better.

Courtney: Hey! Each of those lawsuits was completely necessary! I don’t take kindly to be cheated out of money. Besides, I know that this has something to do with the show.

Katie: Even if that’s true, Noah’s right Courtney. You’re at a resort, try enjoying yourself. He’ll get here when he gets here.

Courtney: Maybe you’re right. I’m sure he’ll be here soon.

(6 hours later)

Noah: I don’t know about you, but I think he’ll be here any minute.

(In Chris’s car)

Mary: Do you have any idea where you’re going?

Chris: Oh, like you would know.

Mary: You’re off the road!

Chris: No, it’s just… covered by dirt.

Mary: And surrounded by trees. And really dark. And we’ve been driving for six hours.

Chris: (Silent with an irritated look) Fine, we’re lost.

(Everyone complains)

Scott: Chris, you said it was only ten miles away. What happened?

(Chris flashes back to looking at a “Hooters” girl on the left side of the road and driving in the wrong direction)

Chris: Bad directions. But don’t panic. I have an idea.

(At Playa de Losers)

Courtney: Guys, I’m getting a message from Chris on my PDA.

Chris: Hey campers.

Cody: Dude, where are you?

Chris: That’s for me to know and you to find out.

Mike (In Background) Actually, you don’t know either.

Izzy: Hey, is that Mike? What’s up buddy?

Chris: Ignore him. Here’ the thing. We’re lost and we need your help. I could call the police or something, but I have a better idea. I’m going to turn this into a challenge. You guys have to find me. The first sixteen of you that make it here will make it to Season 5! And as a bonus, the first one to get here gets a $1000 bonus!

Noah: That’s all your telling us? How are we supposed to find you?

Chris: If I told you, it wouldn’t be a challenge. Figure it out! (Hangs up)

Harold: Alright! Let’s go! If people lag, leave them behind!


Harold: This reminds me of the 24th mission of online Battlefront. Our team had to retrieve the clone pods in order to stop fugitive war.

Duncan: Harold is probably referencing this challenge to some nerd game.

(Back at Playa de Losers)

Tyler: Let’s get the boat!

Cody: Chris took it to go get the other contestants.

DJ: No problem, we can make one.

Justin: Yeah, that sounds like a ton of fun. But I’m going to the spa and you guys can let me know when you’re done.

Owen: Alright, let’s do this!

Contestants gather wood and various other things from the woods and slowly put the raft together.

Gwen: Wow, it actually doesn’t look that bad. Nice job guys.

Harold: Ready to set sail mateys!

Sadie: Wait, what about Justin?

Duncan: He didn’t do anything. Leave him to his little pampered paradise.

Sadie: I’m just going to check on him.

Duncan: You shouldn’t do that, the less competition the better. (But she has already left)

Alejandro: Go, go, go! (Moves oar quickly)

Katie: What are you doing?!

Alejandro: Only 16 are making it. I’m not waiting for a couple of idiots so I can do the morally right thing.

Heather: I’m with you, 2 down and 6 to go.

(Make it across)

Katie: I can’t believe that we abandoned Sadie.

LeShawna: Aw, this could be good for you girl. You can become a more independent person.

DJ: Ok, it’ll start getting dark in a few hours. We’ve got to hurry.

Duncan: Why? Scared of the dark, big guy?

DJ: Just a little bit.

Beth: Me too, how about we stay at a hotel and get him tomorrow?

Cody: And leave them there all night?

Trent: He’d do the same to us.

Alejandro: If you guys want to give up, be my guest. But I’m not stopping for anything or anyone.

DJ: Fine, I’ll do it. But we all have to stick together.

Courtney: Great, now that we’ve got that figured out, how are we going to find Chris?

(All of them think for a while)

Tyler: I’ve got it! Let’s go to the place where Chris picked up the others and trace his steps from there.

Geoff: That’s not a bad idea.

Owen: Let’s do it!

Heather: I guess that we don’t have anything better to do right now.

(Everyone starts to walk away except Duncan, who stops Courtney and Gwen. Ezekiel sees him at the corner of his eye and hides behind a bush to watch them.)

Courtney: What are you doing, we’ll lose the group?

Duncan: It doesn’t matter if we find Chris before them. I need to see your PDA.

Courtney: What for?

Duncan: If I get the number that he called you from, I can call my parents who are cops. They can track it and we’ll be able to find him.

Gwen: Duncan, that’s genius!

Duncan: I know.

Courtney: Wait, you’re parents are cops?

Duncan: Uh, kind of. But that’s not important. Let me see your PDA.

Switch to Ezekiel behind the bush

(Can’t hear most of the conversation and sees Duncan using his cell phone and hangs up. Duncan yells loud enough for Ezekiel to hear)

Duncan: He’s in this forest! (Points left) He’s been here the whole the time!

Gwen: No way!

(Ezekiel tries, but can’t hear the rest. He sees them walk into the forest)

Ezekiel: Oh man, this is amazing! (Follows them into the forest)

Other contestants get off bus with screaming fans trying to get their attention.

Bridgette: Sometimes being famous irritates me. I wish people would just leave me alone.

Geoff: I know what you mean. (Happily signs autograph)

Beth: Hey, where are Courtney, Duncan, Gwen, and Ezekiel?

Alejandro: Excellent, 2 to go.

Cody: Uh Al, you might have to reconsider that.

(They see the left behind Season 4 contestants)

Eva: Brick, is that you?

Brick: Eva! (They hug)

Eva: Why are you still here?

Brick: Chris took everyone else off in an SUV. He said he’d be back to take us but it’s been like seven hours.

Noah: (Whispers to Katie, Izzy, Cody, Sierra, and Owen) They don’t know about the challenge. Let’s get out of here before they figure it out. (The six of them sneak off)

Alejandro: Yeah, he didn’t come for us either. But he called and told us that there was a problem and the challenge was postponed. We’re going to a hotel until we hear more.

Anne Maria: Ok, so then why did you come here?

Alejandro: Well, first our hotel is in this direction. Also, Chris told us to come and tell you guys where your hotel is.

Ron: Isn’t it yours?

Alejandro: Nope. He said that he took the others to our hotel, but there wasn’t enough room for all of us. So you guys are going to different one. You’ll see Duncan, Courtney, Gwen, Ezekiel, Sadie, and Justin there. There wasn’t enough room for them either. It’s the Luxury Inn, about 10 miles east. Just take the bus.

Staci: Ok, thanks guys!

Alejandro: Don’t thank me, Chris said that I couldn’t be in Season 5 if I didn’t tell you. Let’s go guys.

Eva: I’m going to stay here with Brick for now.

Alejandro: Whatever. (They walk off)

Trent: Dude, did you have to make that rude remark at the end?

Alejandro: Yes, they already know I’m not a nice guy. If I lead them on too much they’ll be suspicious.

Heather: That was genius Alejandro.

Alejandro: Yep, I know.

Geoff: Hey guys, I think a few more of us are missing.

Noah, Cody, Owen, Izzy, Sierra, and Katie are walking on the right side of the road and have been for some time.

Sierra: Noah, why did you make us leave the group?

Noah: If someone said something stupid back there, we just added six more people to the race. We need a head start.

Katie: Great idea, Noah!

Cody: Hey guys, look at this. There are tire tacks going off the road.

Noah: And a “Hooters” to the left. I think that we’ve found Chris.

Cody: Hooters? Where? (Sierra slaps him)

Sierra: Cody, if this relationship is going to work out, I can’t have you staring at other girls.

Cody: You’re right, I’m sorry.

Sierra: Good. (She walks ahead and Cody looks again)

Izzy: Hey guys, these tracks lead into the same forest that we were just by!

Owen: We were here the whole time?

Noah: Well, let’s get going.


Noah: Leave it to Chris to drive into a cold, dark forest of despair with a group of minors in his car and drive around for six hours.

The rest of the Season 1-3 contestants are walking along the same road. They inadvertently miss the tire tracks on the dirt road and keep walking anyway, but are still pretty close. After a while they are convinced that they aren’t getting anywhere.

Bridgette: We don’t have any idea where Chris might have gotten lost. This is insane.

Heather: I don’t think that you have any better ideas.

Geoff: Hey, mine is a good idea! (Zooms out and he’s hitchhiking)

Harold: I have an idea! I’ll use my Boy Scout experience to find out where Chris went!

Heather: There’s no way that will work.

Harold: We obviously don’t have any other options. (Looks at Geoff) We obviously don’t have any other good options! Gosh, why does everyone shoot down every idea that comes?

(A car pulls over next to Geoff)

Geoff: Yes! See Harold, now this was a good idea.

Stranger: Are you the guys from Total Drama? I love that show!

Geoff: We certainly are my man! And speaking of which, we’re in the middle of a challenge right now and could use some help. We’re looking for Chris. Any chance that you could drive us around a little?

Stranger: I’d love to help! But I can only fit four of you in my car.

(Beth, LeShawna, DJ, and Tyler rush into the car)

Geoff: WHAT?! I was the one that got us this ride and I don’t get to go in?

DJ: Sorry man, I’d give you my seat but it’s really startin’ to get dark now and it feels much safer in a car.

(Car drives off)

Geoff: I can’t believe this! Try to help some people out and they backstab me! Well that’s the last time that I ever –

Bridgette: Honey, if you’re done whining, Harold found Chris’s car tracks.

Geoff: Seriously? I knew that was a good idea.

Sierra, Cody, Noah, Katie, Izzy, and Owen are walking in the woods.

Sierra: Cody, I’m starting to get a little bit freaked out here. (Hugs him and Cody grins)

Katie: Me too, Noah will you hold my hand?

Noah: (Blushes) Uh, sure I guess so.

(Izzy jumps into Owen’s arms)

Duncan, Courtney, and Gwen are wandering the forest and have been for some time, they are worried that the others may start to catch on

Courtney: Didn’t you get any specifics on the location?

Duncan: Yeah, because the latitude and longitude is totally going to help us.

Gwen: How about you call again and have them track your cell phone and his to see how close they are.

Duncan: Hey, not a bad idea.

(Duncan calls his parents but suddenly gets a worried look on his face as he talks)

Duncan: There are some people ahead of us. One is by them self and there is a group of six. Most of the others found it too but they’re further back. We have to hurry, and Chris is northeast.

Gwen: Great, but how exactly do we know which way that is?

Ezekiel is wandering the dark forest alone, scared to death. He lost sight of Duncan, Courtney, and Gwen. There are creepy noises all around him.

Ezekiel: Don’t be scared, don’t be scared, don’t be scared. Hey, if I talk to myself it makes the silence less eerie.

Noah: I agree.


Noah: Relax home-school, it’s just us.

Ezekiel: (Breathing hard) Phew, how did you guys get here, eh?

Noah: Well we started by walking.

Sierra: (Annoyed) We followed Chris’s tire tracks here.

Ezekiel: Well, you’re in the right place. I heard Duncan, Courtney, and Gwen say that Chris was here. I followed them, but I kind of got lost.

Owen: So we are in the right place. Awesome!

Katie: We aren’t done yet; first we have to find Chris.

Cody: He could be anywhere in this forest!

Katie: Well maybe he would have stopped near something and not in a totally random spot. Like a lake or something.

Harold, Bridgette, Lindsay, Geoff, Heather, Alejandro, and Trent have found their way into the woods.

Harold: It’s too dark to see the tracks now. Besides, we don’t know how long he was driving. All we can do now is look.

Bridgette: I’ve got sunflower seeds in my backpack. Let’s walk and they can help us keep track of where we were.

Lindsay: How would they do that? They can’t talk.

Heather: Wait, I think they are talking. And they’re calling you a moron!

Lindsay: Really? I can’t hear anything.

(Trent slaps his forehead)

Alejandro: Hush. Is that Duncan?

Geoff: Yeah, and there’s Courtney and Gwen too! Hey guys!

Duncan: (Whispers) Oh crap.

Courtney: These must be the seven that your parents were talking about. That means that we’re still close.

Noah, Ezekiel, Sierra, Cody, Izzy, Owen, and Katie are walking. Duncan, Gwen, and Courtney are unaware that these were actually the seven Duncan’s parents mentioned. They spot a track of sunflower seeds going the opposite direction.

Cody: Oh no! The others are here.

Katie: It doesn’t matter. (Starts kicking dirt over the sunflower seeds)

Cody: What are you doing? We can follow them to see where they are!

Katie: See the stump? I recognize it. That’s the direction that we came from and Chris isn’t there. They’re headed in the wrong direction. And they’ll figure that out eventually. But if we cover some of these seeds, they won’t know where to come back from.

Noah: Hey, you’re a lot smarter than I thought.

Sierra: Hold on guys, what happened to Ezekiel?

Izzy: Oh my god, why does he always disappear like that? He’s so weird.

Owen: Uh guys, forget the sunflower seeds.

Chris: Congratulations Ezekiel!

Cody: No way.

Chris is standing outside the car with the Season 4 contestants, along with Ezekiel, Owen, and everyone else in their group.

Chris: Ezekiel, you have won the $1000 bonus. And you’ve made it into season 5! Katie, Noah, Sierra, Izzy, and Cody; you guys are also in.

Owen: Uh Chris, you forgot to say my name.

Chris: No I didn’t bro. I have a special favor to ask you. Out of every contestant in this show’s history, you have done the best. I want to ask you to join the Total Drama staff!

Cody: Aw come on Chris, Owen would obviously –

Owen: I ACCEPT! I’ve wanted this job for such a long time.

Katie: You don’t want to compete again? Why?

Owen: I’ve already done well enough. Besides, I’m in this for the people now, not the money. And now there’s no chance that I’ll have to leave!

Chris: A good mindset Owen. Now we’re just waiting for 10 more of you.

Izzy: Wait Chris, what about them? (Points to Season 4 contestants)

Chris: Oh yeah, they’re in too.

Lightning: Alright! One more shot, baby.

Dakota: Nice, I can go for one more round.

Izzy & Mike: Wooo! (High five)


Owen: I don’t know what it is about Mike that Izzy loves so much. Sure, they’re both crazy but I’m crazy for her. And I’m worried that she might be starting to pull away from me.

Alejandro comes running as fast as he can toward Chris’s car with the other contestants chasing him with angry expressions (Except Heather who has an admiring expression)

Alejandro: (Sees others already there) Oh crap.

Trent: You abandoned us to try and win the thousand?

Lindsay: Thousand what?

Geoff: Not cool dude, and it didn’t even work so ha!

Alejandro: You didn’t win either hot shot.

Chris: Perhaps not, but you have all qualified for Season 5! Now let’s get out of this forest. I’ll text you all the address of the place where you need to show up next week.


Katie: I’m finally back in after four seasons of waiting! I’m not taking this opportunity for granite.

Alejandro: I may have ditched them, and they may be upset now, but I’ll get them back on my side soon enough.

Trent: I want to do well this season, but my first priority is to finally get back together with Gwen.

Mary: Time to toughen this people up. I they don’t deserve to be here, than they won’t be. Plain and simple.

Mike: Hey, why did the chicken cross the road? To find Tyler! Hahahaha! Oh wait, you guys don’t know yet? Oh, well you will soon enough.

Zoey: You are looking at the first repeat winner right here.

Noah: I never really thought about it before, but Katie looks kind of nice in the moonlight.

Sierra: This season, Cody and I’s relationship will finally take off!

Owen: This season is going to be amazing! And I have a front row seat to everything. I couldn’t ask for a better job.

The contestants who didn’t make it are shown with angry or disappointed looks in their various locations after watching the Season 5 announcement. LeShawna, Tyler, Beth, and DJ watch the announcement from DJ’s phone. They thank the stranger and get off disappointed. Tyler gets attacked by a bunch of chickens crossing the road.

Chris: Well, this is shaping up to be the most dramatic season yet. You won’t want to miss this. Total Drama is about to become a video game. Get ready for Total, Drama, Virtual Reality!

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