It's been a while since I've gotten a chance to speculate. But one of my favorite parts of Total Drama is making predictions. So that means it's active-Wiki time for Cartoon, and a ton of educated guessing. :D And the more we know, the more my predictions change. With this new picture that just came out, my mindset changes just a little bit. The more info that comes out, the more I'll probably switch up my predictions. So stay tuned. ;) If you read this, I warn you that there will be very minor spoilers.

Radioactive Rats: Dawn, Scott, Staci, Silent B, Dakota, Lightning, Sam Mutant Maggots: Cameron, Brick, Anne Maria, Mike, Jo (Mary), (Molly?)

Clarifying a couple things. Molly's name probably isn't Molly anymore. But I'll call her that for now since we don't know what her new name is. And Mary's new name is Jo according to Todd Kaufman. Zoey is now Dawn. Now for the predictions.

Episode 1: Non-Elimination - Since we have all new characters, I predict that the writers will want them all to last at least one episode.

Episode 2: Brick - I'm pretty dead-set on the idea that a guy will leave first since there are more guys than girls in the competition. I was also inclined to thing that the Rats would lose a member first, but we already know that at least Dawn, Silent B, Lightning, and Sam make it to episode 3 because of this new picture. That would mean that if a guy left from the Rats here, it would have to be Scott. And he strikes me as a guy who will be really important, so I don't think he'll get eliminated that early. I don't think it'd be out of the question for the Maggots to lose a member first. And I wouldn't be surprised if Brick bullied Cameron and got voted out because of it.

Episode 3: Staci - It [b]appears[/b] that there is evidence which supports Staci being eliminated before episode 4. There is a drawing shown from episode 4 where all of the Rats except for her are there. She could be off screen, but I'd be surprised if the Maggots lost two challenges in a row, as it would further outnumber them. Makes sense for me that Staci will be eliminated in this spot.

Episode 4: Silent B - From here on, it's purely speculation. I expect a guy to leave and that guy to be from the rats. That would be Scott, Lightning, Silent B, and Sam. The reason that I put Silent B is here is that, I don't know how long they'll be able to continue the gag of a silent character. It'll run dry pretty quickly, and episode 4 seems about the right time for him to finally talk, and then get eliminated.

Episode 5: Jo - Right now the teams are even, and the genders are even. I expect to lose a member from the Maggots since the Rats have lost two in a row. Mike and Cameron both seem like potentially important/well-liked characters so I think it'll be a girl. Jo just seems like the kind of character that will naturally be on the outs of her team. She may have had some minor plot here, but I'd be surprised if she was in any relationship. It's more likely for Anne Maria and Molly to have plot.

Episode 6: Sam - Only reason that I put him this far is because he seems like the kind of character that the writers really like. But I can't imagine him having a ton of plot, so this seems like a nice spot for him.

Episode 7: Lightning - There's no way it'll be boy-girl eliminations the whole time. And I don't think that there'll be any point where there's only one guy or one girl on a team. I'm under the impression that Dakota is going to be in a relationship with either Lightning or Scott. Whoever it is will go further. I'm going to guess that it's Scott though. Lightning seems like he could be an important character though. Episode 7 is pretty good.

Merge: Dawn, Scott, Dakota, Cameron, Mike, Anne Maria, Molly

Episode 8: Dawn - I think a girl will leave here. And I expect a Dawn-Dakota conflict since they seem pretty different. That'll be her main plot for the season. Here is a good spot for it to end. She may have a relationship this season, but I hope that she'll have one instead in Season 5 with Noah. :P

Episode 9: Anne Maria - She might be in a relationship with Mike or Cameron. But she doesn't seem like one of the most interesting contestants to me just at first gaze. Good chance that she'll be important though, and she's the first latin girl so that goes to her favor a little bit.

Episode 10: Cameron - I think that Mike and Scott will be the last guys from each team. Cameron could be a very popular character but he doesn't strike me as someone with major winner potential.

Episode 11: Molly - So Final 4. I think there's a possiblity that Molly and Mike are a couple. And Scott and Dakota are a couple. Between the 4, Molly seems to be the least dramatic for an epic final 3 battle. So I kinda expect her to leave here.

Episode 12: Scott - Could end up being a very popular character. But could also be villainous. So could Dakota I suppose, so it's difficult to say. But this is mostly a guessing game. Mike seems more likeable and nicer, so it just makes sense to me that he makes it to the end.

Episode 13: Dakota vs. Mike - Can't say how it would turn out.

What I Hope Will Be Different: I'd much prefer for Dawn and Lightning to get closer to the end. I actually could see it happening. This could easily be the first year that an african american contestant makes it to the end. Lightning seems like he has winner potential. And so does Dawn actually. I'm just not sure what kind of plot the two will have.

So there ya go. It'll probably turn out way differently, because most of it is based off of assumptions. Expect updated predictions when a trailer or something comes out. ^_^

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