Oh my gosh. A blog that's actually about Total Drama?! And one without drama?! *Gasp*

I thought that I'd write about the chances that each character has to win. These predictions aren't as exact as some of mine are, but since I'm having trouble pinpointing an exact elimination order, I thought I'd do this instead.

Won't Do Well:

Staci - First off, she's a compulsive liar. And the fourth episode seems to be called "Truth or Losing Streak." Makes perfect sense for her to leave there.

Cameron - I'd like to think that he'll do well, but with a stereotype like "The Bubble Boy," I'd be surprised if he lasted a long time.

Silent B - He should be able to last a few episodes. But he doesn't talk. Even if he's smart, how long will it take for his gag to go stale? Not too long. It'll be amusing for a while but not nearly enough for a full season.

Could Go Either Way:

Brick - Originally I predicted Brick to be the first eliminated. But Tigerty brought up a good point to me. His team seems to lack a leader without him. And he looks like a potentially strong character. Based on his stereotype, I kinda changed my mind on him being a mean character. It's still a possiblity. I can't tell weather or not Brick will be respected by his team. So he may or may not do well.

Jo - She seems like the kind of character who wouldn't get along too well with her team. But she also seems like she'll be good at challenges, and someone that the writers will like. She reminds me of Sue Sylvester so much. It's tough for me to say if she'll leave early.

Ann Maria - Someone with a stereotype like "The Jersey Shore Reject" will make for a hilarious character. But also one who gets in a lot of fights, and isn't all that liked by her team.

Will Go Far, But Won't Win:

Scott - Seems to be the villain. Not that a villain can't win. Season 3 proved that. But since it did just happen, I'd be stunned if a villain won again.

Dakota - Reminds me a lot of Heather based on her appearence and description. She's probably in the same boat as Scott. Even if she's not a villain, she'll be someone prissy and annoying who will probably be percieved as more of an antagonist.

Mike - Originally I thought that Mike would be a contender. I still think that he'll be the main comic relief for the show, and he sounds like an awesome character. But if he's bipolar, and kind of crazy, I'm not sure if he could ever actually take the whole thing. Even though Owen won Season 1 through mainly comic relief, at least he was sane.

Have a Chance to Win:

Dawn - Has potential to be one of the most unique characters to ever be created. Being different always helps. She doesn't seem like a character will be either a hero or a villain, but more of an anti-hero. No reaal reason to think that she can't do well.

Sam - Before the stereotype came out, I didn't think he'd do quite as well. A gamer will probably be really popular with fans, as well as the creators. Plus, Sam's design is based off of Scott McCord I believe. Definitely has winner potential.

Lightning - He's athletic, seems like a type of person who will be well-liked. Seems nice, based on his facial expression in that picture. Maybe a bit clueless. But we haven't had a black character win yet, or a jock who's actually good at sports. I could see Lightning taking it all.

Zoey - Zoey is the most interesting character in my opinion, just in terms of how little we know about her. Her design was completely changed, and we only know that she's indie. That probably means that she's a really independent person. With Ann Maria and Jo as the other girls on her team, I can see her doing well. Tough to say for sure, but a free spirit is the kind of character that could win Total Drama.

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