Alejandro - I'm starting to think that he does really care about Heather. This reminds me a lot of the DuncanXCourntey relationship in the beginning of Season 1. I hope that the writers don't go too overboard on that though because he still needs to be just as manipulative to fit his character.

Cody - Loved the bell trap at the beginning, but once again I'm waiting for more development on his relationship with Sierra other than him just being stalked. Glad to hear a little bit more of him and Gwen and it was hilarious how he had to wear the lederhosen and how Noah kept teasing him.

Courtney - Wait, what did she do this episode? I only remember her fighting with Heather about losing their reward. But I think that the characters who have less lines in the beginning tend to last longer in the competition because they have more later. We'll see if that's true.

DJ - I had an astonished look on my face when that seagull went the threw the meat grinder. I think I was as happy as DJ to see that it was still alive. The goat scene was hilarious. Sometimes the animals actually try to kill DJ first. Also loved Chris's line at the end how less animals are alive on planet earth, the longer DJ lasts in the competition.

Gwen - Gwen did basically as much as Courtney. She only had her first confessional and that was at the very end, pretty funny though. That leaves Noah and Izzy, my two favorites, as the only characters to not use the confessional yet. I hope they do soon.

Heather - Heather got really jealous when Alejandro flirted with LeShawna, the writers are so far doing a nice job at developing this relationship at the right pace. Both characters are still themselves. I actually kind of feel bad for Heather being beat up by LeShawna when she didn't even do anything wrong to her this episode.

Izzy - I'm a little disappointed with Izzy so far this season. She hasn't had too many lines but it was funny how she was trying to climb into the meat grinder and when Noah couldn't carry her, she carried him instead. Glad to see a little bit more of that friendship.

Lindsay - Lindsay remembered Tyler! Wooo! Uh, then what? I was kind of waiting for more from them in the episode after that groundbreaking moment, maybe it will come in the next couple episodes. I'm still under the impression that Team Victory will be gone before the next aftermath. Still, Lindsay was pretty funny in the episode.

Noah - I feel bias every time that I say how great Noah was in an episode. It always seems like he is to me and I laugh just about every time he has a line. He actually started out slow in the episode for me but it picked up fast. I loved the scene where Izzy carried him and then Noah told Cody that he had a tiny sausage. And then again for wearing a lederhosen. Other than those lines though, he didn't have much so not his best episode. Also, he got nailed by LeShawna at the end, ouch.

Owen - A lot of grossout humor by Owen in this one and I didn't like it. I'm 50-50 on Owen. Sometimes he's funny and sometimes he's annoying, in this episode I thought that he was annoying.

Sierra - As I said before, I hope that the stalker thing goes away eventually. It was funny for a while but now I want to see her turn into a serious character. Not bad in this episode, but still.

Tyler - Glad to see that Lindsay finally remembers him. That was a great moment even if he didn't do anything else through the rest of the episode.


LeShawna - I kept waiting for her to do something funny or memorable this season and she never did except for be manipulated by Alejandro. Not too sad to see her go, honestly.

Star Character: 1st Place: Heather 2nd Place: Lindsay 3rd Place: Cody


Eine Kleine - I really liked this one. It without a doubt had one of the most important moments of TDWT so far and the song itself wasn't bad either, especially since it was Mozart's piece that was used.

Favorite Quotes:

"Haha, Cody has a tiny sausage." - Noah (Seriously, one of the best lines ever)

"Wait, something's itching in my brain! Someone's back in the game! My former flame! And Tyler's your name! You're Tyler just the same! Oh, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler, Tyler back you came." - Lindsay

"Look, I'd do anything to keep Gwen from seeing me in a German bikini!" - Cody

Next Episode: - The Am-AH-Zon Race: Funny title, not sure if many people will get it at first glance. This one has potential to be one of the best and most creative episodes yet in Total Drama. And it's the first one that I know basically nothing about from spoilers. I'm really looking forward to it.

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