Well this certainly is strange. Hey Wiki, it's been a while. I've stopped by the IRC but I haven't logged into my account in an extremely long time. I imagine that the face of the Wiki has completely changed, and lots of you won't really remember me. But if you look back in Wiki history, you'll see that I was the one who conducted the interview with Carter Hayden (Noah's voice actor) a while ago. I'm still in touch with him, and right now I have some bad news for you guys. I regret to inform you that Noah has not been written into Season 5.

Now, please. I know that you'll be upset about this. But before you post a rant in response to my post, or write a rude letter to the creators (as I did in Season 3 when Noah was eliminated too early), hear me out. Carter is obviously disappointed about not coming back, as we all are. But like me, he has not given up hope! He's been thinking and needs our help. So I've returned to the Wiki today to help Carter Hayden, help the fans, and help Total Drama. Even if it may be too late to help Noah get into Season 5, it may not be too late to prove to Fresh TV that he has a dedicated core fan base, and show that he is one of the most popular characters on the show. If that happens, there's always the chance of a great cameo, or a Season 6 appearence (According to ratings, there is no sign of Total Drama ending soon unless the creators give up on it).

So I'm posting a petition today (even though I don't love the word "petition") to help ensure that our sarcastic hero has not spoken his final line in Total Drama. I do encourage you to not only sign the petition, but post a reason that you love Noah and why he shouldn't be forgotten. HOWEVER, if you do post a comment on the petition, I want to stress one thing. Please don't post anything that might offend the creators, because that's not what we're trying to do here. All we want to do is represent Noah's fan base, and increase his chances of returning to the show one day.

That is the link for you to follow. Please don't give up on this. I want at least 100 people, and I'll also be writing a cover letter to Tom McGillis and Fresh TV. Remember, Carter hasn't given up and neither should you. Save Noah, our sarcastic hero!

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