This is really important, so I hope that most members get a chance to read it. I and many other members I'm sure, don't like spoiler images being released on the Wiki. Even if we stay away from the talk page, the images will appear on our home pages. So what I'm going to try to do is prevent them from getting posted all together. I'm going to teach you how to find the spoilers yourself so that you don't need to be spoiled on the Wiki and you can spoil yourself if you want to. But if you read this, I want you to PROMISE that you won't post spoilers anywhere on the forum once they are released! This is an informative guide to prevent that. So without further ado, I'll begin. To prevent spoilers, I'll use pics from the first episode as an example. Look at the link below.

Notice that it says info01 and egypt. The trick is to change the link. Since episode 2 is also Egypt, you need to replace info01 with info02. Warning: If you don't already know the next elimination, don't try it yet. I think most of us do, but congrats if you haven'† found it yet. If you have no desire to be spoiled, you can read as long as you don't try it if you want but you don't have a point to. Personally, I'm staying away from spoilers at all costs and that's why this is getting posted. Moving on. Since Egypt is the same for 2 episodes, I'll show you one more example. Japan is the third episode. So replace info01 with info03 and egypt with japan. This will show you the Japan elimination spoilers. Again, don't try it if you don'† already know. I think you've got it so I'll go to the other type of link. Look below.

This part is simple. What I have here is the Egypt episode, episode 53 in the Total Drama series. If you want to move on to the next episode, simply replace the ep53 in the link with ep54. If you want to look at the next episode, put ep55. You get the idea. If you get an unknown message, it means either there is an aftermath episode in that place, or CN hasn'† uploaded the image for the episode. If you get an unknown message, try the next episode. If it shows up, the unknown is an aftermath. If it doesn't, the pic hasn't been uploaded yet. Simple enough. Understand one thing though, not all the pics have been revealed yet for either of the links. Only the first five eliminations have been revealed so far, but eventually more will be so you need to keep checking if you are that desperate to see spoilers. I hope that most of you won't look. Once again, I can't stress this enough, DO NOT POST THESE IF YOU FIND THEM! That's the whole reason I'm showing this in the first place. I am concerned that I may be encouraging it, and that's why I've debated posting this several times. But I think it will do more good than harm so here it is. And if you are going to be a jerk and post it when you find it, can you at least post the link instead of the picture so that it doesn't show up on our home pages? Thanks

~ The Cartoon

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