Can't get through Earth Day without a little hippie speech from TC. ;) I know that most of us just think of Earth Day as another day of the year, and one without significance. But I want to take the day to remind everyone to appreciate the environment and the beauty it brings us. Let's make an effort to maintain that beauty that we take for granted every day. It isn't all that hard to throw something in the trash can instead of the floor, or to recycle something that you might noramlly just throw in the trash. Heck, if you see some trash on the ground, it wouldn't hurt to go out of your way and pick it up. (As long as it's sanitary :P) Who knows? If you hadn't done that, a little birdie might have found it and choked on it the next day. And you will have prevented it from happening. In addition, try to conserve energy. Turn off electronics that you aren't using, you'd be surprised how much of a difference it would make if more people started doing that. All of this will not only help prevent Global Warming, but it'll be helping the living conditions of little animals who don't have the same opportunities as us.

One last thing: It isn't directly related to Earth Day but I'd like to provide a link here to show everyone what companies test on animals for their products. I've been trying to stop buying from them, even the ones that I frequently use. There's always a substitution. And it's wrong to test on animals.

Ok, that's all I need to say. Have a great Earth Day. :)

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