So, I guess that this was inevitable. Hate to leave so suddenly after being inactive for a little while. This isn't a ragequit blog or anything, and I think that all of you are fantastic. Thing is, I'm at a turning point in my life and I'm leaving every Wiki/forum site I've been a part of. College has started for me and a job at the Disney Store is extremely close. In addition, I'm on the verge of being accepted for the Disney College Program, where I'll be able to live in Florida for a while and work at Disney World while I take classes. In High School, I hurt my social life a lot with too much time on forum sites and stuff. And I just really don't want the same thing to happen in college. I'm ready for my life to begin. And I really appreciate all of the people and memories here at the Wiki. So I'll miss you all, but I really need to go so don't try talking me out of it. :P I'll shout out to CD, Fedora, Addict, Neko, Aimers, and Webkinz. I love all of you though. I'm naming those six off the top of my head. So goodbye guys. I might visit occasionally. :)

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