I've changed my mind so many times. But I've decided on my final TDWT prediction that fits in with all evidence that we have so far. This is assuming that there are 26 episodes, not including the aftermaths.

1. Elimination - Duncan (Egypt)

2. Elimination - Ezekiel (Egypt)

3. Elimination - Harold (Japan)

4. Elimination - Bridgette (Yukon)

5. Reward (New York)

6. Elimination - LeShawna (Swiss Alps)

These first 6 are all based off of what we already know. The real speculation comes next. The next episode is confirmed to be The Amazon but every other character is seen in another place so it must be a reward.

7. Reward (Amazon)

This next choice changes the entire thing. I strongly believe that either DJ or Lindsay will leave here if the episode is Peru. I chose DJ because I believe that Ezekiel will return here to even out the teams after Lindsay joins Team CIRRRRH.

8. Elimination - DJ (Peru)

Ezekiel Returns to even out the teams. I predict that he stowed away again until he could get back in and now is the perfect time. As for the next elimination, it's a major surprise: Izzy. She seems invincible being the only girl on her team but everyone else couldn't possibly leave yet except Lindsay and I think that being the only one left from her team gives her a major advantage going forward.

9. Elimination - Izzy (Paris)

10. Reward

Here, Zeke leaves again. Yes, as much as I love him I don't believe that he can last too long. I don't see anyone else leaving before Duncan returns. Depending on Alejandro's motives, I think that there is a very slim chance that Tyler leaves here. Whichever one does will make it much further though.

11. Elimination - Ezekiel

12. Reward

And here comes Duncan who is pretty much confirmed to be back in Episode 13. I think that this is the Australia episode and Courtney leaves with his return. Someone from Team Amazon needs to leave soon and it will be either her or Gwen. Gwen has more lasting plot so I put Courtney here.

13. Duncan returns and joins Team Amazon; Elimination - Courtney (Australia)

I know that they love Owen, but now seems like about the time for him to leave. He will have had more screen time than any other character at this point,

14. Elimination - Owen

15. Reward

By now Duncan has finished his plot with Gwen.

16. Elimination - Duncan

Izzy returns here and re-joins Team CIRRRRH. It's a running gag with her and I think it will happen again.

17. Reward

By now, everything with Gwen has pretty much ended. She redeemed herself and put up one hell of a fight, but her run ends here.

18. Elimination - Gwen

8 contestants seems like the time for a merge. And here's a bit of a shocker. I think that Cody will leave here. It's plenty of time for him to get screen time and he'll have a had a great lasting plot with Sierra but I don't they'll be able to make it to the very end together. The gag will grow stale.

19. Merge: Sierra, Cody, Heather, Noah, Tyler, Lindsay, Izzy, Alejandro ; Elimination - Cody

20. Reward

Next is Tyler, Alejandro will dispose of him sooner or later. But I do think that Tyler will win Lindsay in the process of being voted off. It is possible that Tyler switches spots with Cody or Zeke, much more likely Cody.

21. Elimination - Tyler

Next is Izzy. I almost had her leave before Tyler but I think that she'll get a couple extra episodes in, she is a very popular character. If she doesn't leave as early as predict, I think she actually has a chance to win.

22. Elimination - Izzy

23. Reward

I'm not totally sure if Heather will make it this far. But I think she has a chance to. She has stepped back into her villain role and may have a long lasting plot with Alejandro. He won't want to vote her out until he's managed to make her fall for him like the other girls. And in the process, starts to actually like her.

24. Elimination - Heather

Sierra won't be able to make it farther than this. She's a new character and I don't think they'll want a new character to win.

25. Elimination - Sierra

Yes, I know what I just said. But I don't believe that Alejandro has any shot at all of winning so they won't have a problem putting him in the Final 3. It really comes down to Lindsay and Noah. And I believe that Lindsay will win being a much more popular character than Noah. Besides, it's a really unlikely Final 2 and I could see it happening.

26. Final 3 - Alejandro, Noah, Lindsay

Other possible Final 3 contestants: Cody, DJ, Tyler, Izzy, Sierra (Slim). I can't see anyone else.

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