Hey guys. I have something important to talk about.

If you care about my personal life, start reading here:

As some of you know, I'm a huge Disney fan. Some may even say I'm "obsessed." Well yesterday, I visited my local Disney store and talked to two of the managers. The first one gave me a job application, and told me that they won't be hiring until the Fall, and that they'd save my application for the future. I decided to fill it out while I was at the mall, and write a note on the back explaining how much it meant to me to work there. I was planning on turning in the next day but I had an impulse to turn it in as soon as I finished. When I went back, the girl who gave me the application was gone so I talked to another girl who happened to be another manager. I got an amazing vibe from her, and she loved me. She was one of the first people to really understand me, which meant a lot. And basically, I talked to her for a while. When I left, I felt like everything went perfect. I think that I have an incredibly strong chance of getting a job there when I turn 18 in August, or soon after. My dream of working at Disney may be achieved soon.

If you care about what involves the Wiki, start here:

Point being, at some point in the near future, the Wiki is going to be very low priority. So unfortunately, the last mainspace edit that I ever make will probably be at the end of the countdown. As much as I appreciate how much some of you have rallied for me to become a rollback, I would decline the position if it was offered to me. Being in a position of authority on a website isn't important to me, especially with this potentially life-changing information. I don't have time to deal with the stress of it. In fact, I'm recently resigned as admin of Dramatic Static for reasons that I'd rather not discuss. But it's a blessing because I'm finally beginning my life. I will finish the countdown, and I may visit the IRC from time to time. I'll compete in the roleplay as long as I can. But I should let you guys know, that as soon as I get that job, my Wiki activity will likely be over.

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