You'll find that I have a lot of theories that are constantly changing and I want to share every time I have a new one. So it's confirmed that the Amazon episode comes after the Swiss Alps. The aftermath episode seems to be after episode 5 this season but that doesn't make sense considering LeShawna is seen in one early. So I'm going to assume that it is after the sixth episode. A reward wouldn't immediately follow an aftermath. But every contestant shown to be in the Amazon is also seen in another episode. I thought that maybe Ezekiel would return and leave in the same episode, but I don't think they'd do that and tease all the huge Zeke fans. I think that Peru and the Amazon could very well be the SAME EPISODE. Notice that all we have from Peru so far is DJ and Lindsay together with no other contestants anywhere to be seen and yet Chris introduces Peru. This can only be some time into a challenge, otherwise everyone would be there. Now look at a map, and look how incredibly close Peru and the Amazon are to each other. Even if this turns out to be a reward episode, I think that there is a very good chance that it is the same episode. If it is an elimination however, Lindsay fans should be a little nervous because every other contestant is seen in another location.

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