So... Been a while since I posted a blog that was important. But I ask that most of you read this one.

As most of you know, there's been a rivalry between this Wiki, and Dramatic Static, another Total Drama site. Been going on for a while. Well first off, I want to say that after all that conflict happened, I became an admin. Based on how the two sites treat each other, I'm shocked that a DS admin would ever be able to become a Featured User here. But somehow I did. Because even though we think that we're different, we're all good people that went through a few misunderstandings. And I want to attempt to be the unification between the two sites. Although the worse part of the conflict is over, it seems to me that the members still generally dislike each other and have spread stories that may or may not be true. Well I'm not going to lie to anyone in this blog. I like both sites, and I'm aware that both have their flaws.

I'll start off my harsh honestly by telling you that I do enjoy Dramatic Static more than the Wiki, and I'm more active there. So if you're going to judge solely based on that, you may as well stop reading the blog now. Now, I was talking to a couple of my friends on DS tonight. Quite truthfully, I was saying some negative things about the Wiki. They were in regards to some recent blogs, saying some things which I still consider to be absolutely ridiculous. I feel like some members of this Wiki have a tendency to over-react about small issues. Anyway, Politoed89 showed up. She's another member that visits both sites, and she came to defend you guys. And it made me think that maybe I was over-reacting myself, and that if she can support both sites, there's no reason that the rest of us can't.

Now first of all I want to talk about where this whole thing started. Dramatic Static created a certain Wiki for their site. And they used some pictures from the Wiki for their character pages. I wasn't there for any of this, but I'm certain of one thing. And that's that none of them meant any harm by it at all. They figured it wouldn't be a problem. But it was a problem. The Wiki didn't take too kindly to it. And then a huge fight started from nothing. Tough to say who was at fault for it. But the fact is that it doesn't matter who was at fault. It could've been resolved so much more easily than it was. And now many members of the Wiki consider us as thieves. Most of you guys know me. I'm not a thief. And neither are they. I've gotten to know and become friends with every active member on the site. And they're great people. I think most of you are great people as well, even though I don't know you as well. I don't see why there's any reason to think any less of each other because of a misunderstanding.

DS is certainly not perfect. I would never come and tell you that it is. They (This was not me btw) heavily advertised leaked pics, most of which were either fake or of very minor importance. I can't say that I agree with how that was handled. Understandable for the reputation of the site to go down because of that. Like here, the chat can become chaotic at times. And it doesn't have nearly as many features, or members. That's not a fault as much as a difference. But we do have fun, love the site, and really make friends. The point that I'm trying to make is that we're just as human. And I feel like both sides are being misrepresented because of that small, unfortunate incident. It doesn't matter who was right. It's about moving on, and realizing that we can all get along. Neither side should say negative things about the other. In an argument, no one ever wins. I want to reaffirm the fact that I do love both sites, not only DS. And that's why I want them to get a long so much. I guess all I am saying... is give peace a chance.

~The Cartoon

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