I have a feeling with all of the drama that's been going on in the Wiki lately, this blog will fly by the wayside. But I think it's important and I hope you read it. I know that a lot of you consider the forum Dramatic Static to be a rival because of events way in the past. It had a lot to do with a Leaked Pic controversy. Well I'd like to inform you that the creator of the site, and original admin whom many of you were angry with, has stepped down and I'm now head admin of the site. I'm really excited about the change because I feel like it may be able to reduce the tension between DS and the Wiki. I want to let you all know that as admin, and a regular member of the Wiki, I want to make sure that the two sites never have a conflict again. I'm dedicated to keeping peace. While there hasn't been in a conflict in a while, it's my goal to make you aware that everyone at DS is really nice, and I want to make sure that no one has the wrong idea on what we're about. Heck, I'd love for there to be more members who visit both sites for better unification. As far as I know, there aren't many at this point. So thanks to everyone who read this. Much appreciated. ^_^

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