So, I've actually written one of these for episode but never posted them on the Wiki. I think that I'm going to start though. My reviews are a little bit different from some of the others. I write a small review of each character and song. And then write my favorite quotes and expectations for the next episode.


Alejandro - Great episode for him here. Originally I thought that he really was evil but now I think that he's just "competition evil" if that makes sense. He'll do anything to win but may not be as bad of a person as I thought. And we got our first glimpse of AlejandroXHeather. Did anyone notice how concerned Al was about "Heather's boat" being eaten by the sewer gator? That was genuine concern. I think that their rivalry is begininng to become more friendly than competitive.

Cody - Not quite as much as I was expecting but it sounds like one of his scene's was cut out. That does explain why the episode felt just a little bit shorter than the others. I like his interaction with Sierra but I can see it getting old. I'm hoping for more development coming up soon.

Courtney - Gwen and Courtney coming to an agreement? Their conflict may be improving but it now seems without a doubt that Duncan is the only reason for it. Without him there, they don't have trouble with each other. I love Courtney's roles in the songs since she's such a good singer by the way, even though I like hearing my favorites and they aren't getting as much lines.

DJ - Again, poor DJ. These scenes with the animals are hilarious but still feel awful for him, especially as an animal lover myself. I do like seeing all of the screen time that he is getting from this since he's my 6th favorite character. Also, was anyone else surprised how easy it was for DJ to be on the top of the statue of liberty and get the baby carriage? You'd think that he'd be terrified.

Gwen - Same as Courtney, glad to see them finally agreeing, even if it's voting out Heather. They'll all be friends soon enough, maybe. Good job for Gwen going down the fireman pole first as well, she seems to be one of the bravest from her team.

Heather - See Alejandro for everything I thought about her in this episode. Loved her. Also interesting that she's trying to get Cody on her side, he didn't seem to buy it at all. One important thing with Sierra that I'll get to when I talk about her.

Izzy - Still hoping for just a bit more but what she had was great. Loved her line about being a rabid monkey, that's classic Izzy. And then the part about Noah being regressed into a baby was hilarious.

LeShawna - She seems to be having her plot run out without Harold being there. Not sure how much longer she'll be able to last, especially if Team Victory continues to lose. There really hasn't been much from her in any of the episodes so far.

Lindsay - Lindsay was really good in this episode. She had some great lines and had some more development between her and Tyler. Also she was really good in the song.

Noah - Another fantastic performance from Noah. Starting with the beginning. That was a great line that he said after Owen slept on him all night, one of the best of the season so far. I'll say it in the bottom of my review. And then him telling Tyler to take a mental note of Lindsay being called "Baby" was funny. And then the apple part was one of the best Noah moments. Anyone else think that it was hilarious when Noah was just sitting there sleeping while Alejandro and Heather were having that huge argument? And then when the mother said "Who wants a kiss from mommy?" and she saw Noah, I died laughing.

Owen - Owen was pretty funny in this episode as well, especially when he slept on top of Noah all night. He actually got kind of physically abused though, going up the Statue of Liberty's nose and then being hit on the head by Al with the baby carriage.

Sierra - Like I said a bit before, her creepiness with Cody is funny but I'm waiting for some development soon. It will get old eventually and I think that Sierra and Cody have a good chance at going far. It was hilarious all of the embarrasing facts that she was revealing about Chris. And best of all in this episode, she realizes that Heather is manipulating her. I knew that after all the Total Drama watching, she had to know something about strategy. Impressive.

Tyler - Not as great as last episode, but still good. There was some more development between him and Lindsay and the line about him not having a pen to take a mental note was hilarious. Sounds like something that Lindsay would say, I guess they really are perfect for each other.

Star Character:

1st Place: Noah

2nd Place: Alejandro

3rd Place: Heather

Honarable Mention: Sierra


What's Not to Love? - This was an absolutely amazing animation sequence. It really had a great New York feel and they captured it really well. The song was just average in my mind but the sequence just made it seem amazing.

Favorite Quotes:

"Thanks for noticing that I was missing all night! Who am I, Tyler?" - Noah

"I'll do it for Team Victory! I love being called baby." "Take a mental note of that one bro." "I don't have a pen." - Lindsay/Noah/Tyler

"Did Noah regress into a baby?" - Izzy

Next Episode:

'Slap Slap Revolution' - Looks like a pretty good episode. I'm hoping that Noah is the one to win it for his team, it seems like a legitimate possibility. I'm thinking that it will be him or Heather to win the challenge since they both seem to face LeShawna in the dancing challenge at one point. Also can't wait for Lindsay to remember Tyler.

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