Noah was just eliminated in the U.S. and I thought that now might be the perfect time to show how much he means to all of the fans. Throughout Total Drama World Tour, Noah's fanbase has quite literally grown faster than any character in Total Drama history. The news of his supposed elimination from spoilers and his eventual elimination caused outrage and disappointment among fans. If the front page poll is any consolation, all of the fans are by far the most disappointed by his elimination. What made him so popular? It was a combination of many things. The first was obviously his hilarious lines. He had the greatest quotes by any character on the show. It seemed that after Noah's elimination, many funny lines that Duncan said could have easily been replaced by Noah. But they weren't quite as funny coming from Duncan, at least in my opinion. The difference is the tone of Noah's voice and the great voice acting by Carter Hayden. The way that he reads his lines never fails to make us lines. Noah's "I hate this game" attitude was his charisma and the reason why the fans love him so much. A big plot would have been the perfect opportunity for him to go far in the game. He did have his friendship with Noah, and his conflict with Alejandro probably should've been built on. But I really don't think that the writers had any idea how popular Noah would get and that resulted in his early elimination. But the creators and writers do look a lot at forum sites and they listen to the fans. So with any luck, all of this disappointment over Noah's elimination will help his case to participate and do well in a future season. I now present with you, the best moments of our Sarcastic Hero, Noah.


Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1
  • Noah: Good. Is this where we're staying?
    Duncan: No, it's your mother's house and we're throwing a party.
    Noah: Cute. Nice piercings. Original. Do them yourself?
    Duncan: (grabs Noah's lip and takes out a pin) Yeah, you want one?
    Noah: Uh, no thanks. Can I have my lip back please?
  • Noah: Throwing balls. Gee, another mentally challenging test.
  • Noah: Oh, sorry. (sarcastic) Woo-hoo, way to throw those murder balls. Go, team, go.
  • Noah: Knock 'em out, throw 'em out, rah rah. (gets hit with the ball, the other Gophers smile) Owwwh!!
  • Chris: Gophers, what happened?
    Noah: What can I say? Weak effort. (everyone glares at him)
    Gwen: Oh, shut it, Noah!
    Heather: You know, for once, I agree with her. (everyone but Owen, Justin, and Trent walks off)
    Noah: Touchy. (Owen, Justin, and Trent glare at him)
    Noah: I'll tell you, the team spirit is severely lacking lately.
Haute Camp-ture
  • Noah: (sarcastically) Eeeeee. Congratulations, you just peaked. It's all downhill from here, honey. (rolls eyes)
  • Courtney: (about Gwen) So she's smart, but she's not exactly a team player. I was a team player! It should be ME!
    Noah: You're here. You lost. Get over it.
    (Courtney throws her drink at Noah, knocking him into the water.)
  • Courtney: Let go of me, you big geek!
    (Harold and Courtney start having a slap fight, and eventually, fall into the pool.)
    Noah: (chuckles manically) Excellent!

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1
  • Harold: Aerophobia. From the Latin, as opposed aeronausophobia, the fear of flying sickness.
    Noah: Keep up the fascinating facts and I'm gonna be aero-nauseous all over you.
  • Ezekiel: We should hit the winners' compartment, eh? Cause I ain't never gonna sit back here! Hah, never!
    Noah: Is "never" your policy on mouthwash too, home-school?
  • Noah: Come fly with us! Come die with us!
Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2
  • Sierra: Did you know that Cody slept with a stuffed Emu named Jerry until he was... Well okay, he still does.
    Noah: And you know this how?
    Sierra: I called his aunt once. I pretended I was a telemarketer!
    Noah: Ooooh. Stalker-licious.
  • Noah: Yeah, this is gonna work.
  • Sierra: This is perfect!
    Noah: What, the fact that we're hosed?
Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan
  • Noah: (to Owen and his Aerophobia) Stop sweating, lunch box. Air travel is like the 15th safest mode of transportation. Unless you're in a deathtrap.
    (a gaping hole forms on the side of the plane, pulling the contestants towards it.)
    Noah: This one, for example!!
  • (The entire cast is falling off the plane and the music bell rings)

Noah: (furious) Seriously?! I mean, seriously?!

  • Noah: (on why he can't go in the pinball game) I'm, uh... I'm allergic to panda dander. I get hives...
  • (Chris shows the cast the Japanese dub of Total Drama Action.)

Noah: Um... what?

  • Noah: (lifelessly) Think of the childre-e-en.
Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better
  • Noah: (to Owen, referring to Izzy somersaulting over the ice floes) If Nutsy can do it, we can do it. Come on! (jumps on an ice floe, only to slip and fall flat on his face)
  • Noah: (after Owen gets in sled and talks to Izzy) Okay, Tyler. Time to get moving.
    Tyler: (runs in place due to Owen's weight) I am moving!
    Noah: (irritated) No, you're miming.
Broadway, Baby!
  • (Owen, sleeping, rolls off of Noah)

Noah: (in obvious pain) Finally! Thanks for not noticing that I was missing all night! What am I, Tyler?!

  • Lindsay: Ooh! I'll do it for Team Victory! I love it when people call me baby!

Noah: (nudges Tyler) Make a mental note of that, bro!

Slap Slap Revolution
  • Alejandro: Noah, you make sure Izzy doesn't get in the grinder again!

(Alejandro tosses Izzy on top of Noah) Noah: Ah! And there goes my pelvis.

  • Noah: (taunting) Ha, Cody's got a tiny sausage!
  • Noah: All aboard "Der Veiner Express"!
  • Noah: (laughing) How are the hosen treating ya?
The Am-AH-Zon Race
  • Tyler: (jumps out of water and makes a beeline towards shore as piranhas bite him) Whoa, oh no!
    Noah: He's got good vertical.
    Chris: For a guy leaping out of water? Yeah.
  • Owen: Need rest… and water… Ohh, nachos would be killer right now, eh?
    Noah: (sarcastically) Sure! All we're missing is chips, beef, tomatoes, cheese, salsa…
Can't Help Falling In Louvre
  • Owen: I don't wanna be Yeti poop!
    Noah: I've got your ginormous back, big boy! Watch this! Totally works on my dog! (pretends to hold up a ball, Sasquatchanakwa then acts like a dog) Who wants the ball? Who wants it? You want it, don't you? Go get it! (throws imaginary ball, Sasquatchanakwa chases it)
  • Noah: Um, non, my friend. That thing just burned off my shoe.
  • Tyler: (as Noah's putting the Venus de Milo together) Put the middle piece under the wide part, then rotate the thingy straight wise- no, no, no. Under-over.
    Noah: (straining to hold up a piece) Those aren't even words!
Newf Kids on the Rock
  • Owen: I don't know what to say to him...I've always been the allianc-ee, not the alliance-er.
    Noah: It's like asking a girl out, only she's a guy.
    Owen: Oh, okay! (to DJ) Hey, DJ! Hey, you wanna go for hot dogs with my buddy Noah? He says your legs are nice. (wolf whistles)
    Noah: (sarcastically) Yeah, because that's exactly what I told him to say.
  • Noah: (in confessional) No wonder my little cousins aren't allowed to watch this show!
Jamaica Me Sweat
  • Tyler: (sighs) Winning really is everything.
    Noah: Says the guy who Frenched a cod.
  • Alejandro: I suppose I earned that.
    Noah: (yelling from cliff) We didn't!
  • Chris: Will Chef fix the plane so we can leave here while I'm still young?
    Noah: I don't know. Did we land in the 70s?
    (Chris shoves Noah off the cliff)
I See London...
  • Sierra: Tweeter update! "Gwen's hand smells like Jamaican bird dooty. Cody is still cute." (giggles) Uh, 67 characters. Ok, 73 left. What else can I say?
    Noah: (imitating Sierra) "Considering buying myself a life on Fred's List, but having trouble deciding because they are all such a major improvement!"
    (Owen squirts milk out of his nose from laughter)
    Noah: (now covered in milk) Dude, gross!
    Owen: Did I get some of my nose milkshake on you? Sorry. It's the only thing that really cools off a snoot full of Jamaican Scotch Bonnet peppers. (eats peppers) Mmm. (gulp) Hot... Hot... Hot... MILK! (guzzles down milk carton)
    Noah: (imitating Sierra again) "Must learn how to make nose-shakes like Owen! That'll impress Cody!"
  • Noah: (after finding out he and Owen must share a parachute) (moans) Life, why do you hate me so?
  • Noah: (to Owen after Tyler volunteers to be put in medieval torture device) Quick! Tie him down before Alejandro shows up and makes me do it just because I'm shorter!
    Owen: Why don't you like Al? He's great!
    Noah: I don't trust the guy. He's like an eel dipped in grease swimming in motor oil.
    Owen: Dirty?
    Noah: Slippery! Think about it. He's like Heather, only with social skills.
  • Chris: And with three votes against him, Noah! (in English accent) It's time to say, "Tally ho! Pip pip! Cheerio! Tootle loo-"
    Noah: Ugh! If I jump, will you stop?!
    Owen: Goodbye, buddy! I'll win for you!
    Noah: Whatev, just beware of eels!

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