A very largely requested thing. WHAT DO THE REAL TDC CAST LOOK LIKE? Well! Here it is! Just for you!

- Mody and Amy

12-ModyCasual Amyy

- Crissie 3-CrissieCasual

- Dave 4-DaveCasual

- Charlotte 2-CharlotteCasual

- Hannah 6-HannahALL

- Jordan 8-JordanCasual(I got complaints for having all white characters, so I made Jordan black, Charlotte tanned, and Jim british)

- Farmer Sam 5-FarmerSamCasual

- Jim 7-JimCasual

- Liz 10-LizCasual

- Lee 9-LeeCasual

- Mike (his facial hair is not complete here)11-MikeCasual

- Rosie 13-RosieCasual

- Sarah 14-SarahCasual

Some characters were changed of course but here is the whole TDC cast! Hope you enjoyed!

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