So, yeah as you all know, Beth is my favourite Total Drama player. So, instead of being a good little slave (Jokes XD) and drawing Heather for you guys, I just got bored and did some Beth poses.

Beth fall
This one is a Beth version of the Total Drama World Tour falling poses, hence why it's brightened up slightly. (Hope you like my new logo, it's so you know they aren't official and that they're drawn by me. you can remove it and use my poses in your fan fictions and whatever though, I'd like to see where my art ends up so tell me ahaha) If only we could hear her sing. ¦3

These next two are just some images for you lot who like..more variety I guess...and Beth's only pics are her holding her face in excitement and her on the floor with braces on. So here's some more Beth! TheZobe 16:44, June 14, 2010 (UTC)

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