So, I've been working on just the final edits on the characters, so I'll be doing the comic soon enough! I've done 3 sheets for some characters in the comics, showing a few poses and who they're based on. Some characters look a lot like who they're based on, others were changed drastically. These 3 are all quite close to their counterparts.

Jim sheet

Here we have Jim, he's a sociopath and hates people. He's sarcastic, witty, blunt and really doesn't care what you think. He likes to take matters into his own hands and truly believes he is on a higher level than most people. Jim finds most things people do are pointless and annoying.

Lee sheet

Lee is a complete jock. He is over confident, thinks he is the man and has an ego the size of Japan. He enjoys sports and is a bit of a womanizer, however his large ego can annoy. Though Lee can easily chill out (and sometimes be lazy, prefering other people to do stuff for him) he does have a bit of a hot head, leading him to lose it quite easily with people he doesn't find good enough.

Rosie sheet(is a complete Beth lookalike..but look at real her! you can see why!) Rosie's mother is a Teacher and her father is a lawyer, they raised Rosie to be well educated, speak her mind and to know that she's right when she's right. Rosie can be bossy, argumentative and sometimes a know it all, but she does have a soft side in which she enjoys bright colours, pretty things and all things random. A bit of a loner, she enjoys reading and video games.

More soon! TheZobe 14:27, June 18, 2010 (UTC)

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