I don't really want to talk about the episode, I want to talk about the characters. The Episode itself was alright. Like every premiere episode. Total Drama has a trend at having great premiere episodes but awful finales. Whatever. Now let's talk about the teams.

Devin&Carrie (RR)

To be honest, this team is pretty bland so far. I like Carrie but Devin really bores me. These 2 have generic yet pretty realistic designs. Carrie's hair looks like my 25 years old cousin's hair. I'm kinda excited as to which direction will their story go but I'm not rooting for them. Why should I, really? They are obviously making it far in the competition.   

Stephanie&Ryan (RR)

These 2 also have good designs but they were boring in the episode. Like, they didn't really get any lines and sometimes I forget these 2 are even in the show. It's pretty weird when you can remember the goths but you forget these 2. They are the new Bridgette and Geoff for me but way more athletic and more into the game. They will make it far. Probably final 7 or 8.    

Ellody&Mary (RR)

These 2 are really interesting. Ellody has a great design but sounds too much like Courtney. Mary didn't even spoke but I love her design. She based off of Amy Farrah from the Big Bang theory and I love Amy Farrah so i'm really looking forward to Mary! I think they'll make it far because they are smart and smart characters always make far in TD.   

Emma&Kitty (RR)

I adore these 2! Kitty is like me in real[[Click to Continue > by JoniCoupon| life]]. Not caring about anything, just enjoying her life! <3 She's like an asian Lindsay but not dumb. Emma is even better than her. She's like TDI Courtney and Sky. Cares about the competition and likes her sister and wants to protect her. I'm definitely rooting for this team and I really they make it to the final 6 at least. Also, I ship Kitty and Brody and Emma and Noah :3   

Ennui&amp;Crimson (RR)

They look cool. That's all I can say about them. SPEAK!     
Mickey&amp;Jay (RR)

Agh. These 2. I really don't like them, i'm sorry. They are bland, boring and so far screen hoggers. I don't care that they are Cameron's original design. They just bore me more than Devin and Carrie. I hope they are first boots.    

Lorenzo&amp;Chet (RR)

Another team that I don't care about and I hope will be early boots. I don't really know why I dislike them, I just do.    

Kelly&amp;Taylor (RR)

I will probably get a lot of hate for this but, this team is my absolute favorite so far. Mean Girls and Pretty little liars are my favorite tv shows that are not reality shows and the fact these 2 are based off of Regina George and her mom really makes me excited for this team. They are queens. I adore girls like Taylor in Total Drama. Heather, Amy, Sugar, Courtney and Jo are all good characters to me. I'm seriously rooting for this team. 

Dwayne&amp;DwayneJr (RR)

I like this team! They are funny, entertaining and have a story that seems to be important. Their relationship is pretty cute. When I first heard there will be a kid in this I thought it will be bad. I was wrong. I predict this team will win to be completely honest.

To be continued