This article/section features spoilers. Continue reading at your own risk.

Hi Guys! I was on CAKE   And I found a promo picture of Total Drama Pahkitew Island and I think it's real!



Here are my thoughts on the characters:

Beardo - He looks weird and old..

Max - He's creepy! 

Sky - She looks like Zoey.

Jasmine - She looks like Leshawna.

Scarlett - She looks like a librarian. 

Dave - He looks like Noah and Mike.

Samey - I love her design!

Amy - I love her design too! She reminds me of Eva for some reasons.

Ella - Looks like she's not a snow white ripoff and I LOVE her design!

Shawn - He looks like Ezekiel.

Topher - He's a male Sierra. I like his design! He looks like Chris and he's hot! *Blushes*

Sugar - My favorite character design! She looks like Leshawna,Sadie,Anne Maria and Sierra.

Leonard - He looks interesting. I don't know what to say about him!

Rodney - He looks like a nice Scott .

So, what do you think? This picture is real or fake? Please tell me!

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