So I know this has been a hot topic lately: who is the real TDPI antagonist?

There have been many villains so far throughout the season, but who is the main one going to be? Or, should I say, already is? No other TD season has waited this long to reveal who the writers are planning on the antagonist being. 

To back this up:

  • Heather's first antagonistic act was in the third episode of TDI

So, as for the main antagonist(s) of this season, there are some options:

So, for starters, Amy was sort of the main antagonist until her elimination in Twinning Isn't Everything.

But, for the rest: 

  • Max is sort of the main "villain" of the season, like Lightning and Jo in TDRI - he does antagonistic stuff, but it doesn't cause any eliminations and such, well, except his own.
  • Scarlett helps Max in his evil doings, but doesn't do anything on her own. She has proven that she wants to cause eliminations though, notably Max's.
  • Jasmine has revealed that she is no longer keeping friends (well, mainly boyfriends) and is going to play to win. This was only a claim, though, and she has still shown to be a team player.)
  • Sugar has gotten one contestant eliminated, and attempted at manipulating Sky and Dave, so she's really been the most antagonistic contestant so far.
  • Topher revealed his wicked side in Mo Monkey, Mo Problems, when he stole Chris's phone. So far, this is the only heinous thing he has done, but I believe (if he is the main antagonist, or an antagonist at all for that matter) his true intentions will be revealed in either the next episode or the following episode.

So who do you think the main antagonist is? Or, who do you think the "hidden" antagonist is? My bet's on Scarlett.

Who is the real antagonist of TDPI?

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