Hey guys, me here. Since All-Stars is confirmed to be the final season to feature the veteran contestants as "main characters" (and supposedly the second-generations too), the writers have been trying to make Total Drama go in "one big circle" and are trying to fill in a lot of plot-holes, but are doing terribly at it. These facts will allow you to understand my "theory" more.

  • First, the whole Mal and Zoey thing. The major running gag of this season is that Zoey can't tell the difference between Mike and Mal. Does this remind you of anything? This theory may be far-fetched, but think about the facts here...
  • Alejandro manages to mesmerize Gwen in the beginning of the seaso, but near the end his antagonizing strategies are "defeated" when another character (Mal) appears to have greater abilities than him. Does this remind you of a certain antagonist and a minor character?
  • The whole Courtney and Gwen friendship. It's obviously a "remake" of Katie and Sadie. Though a little different, considering the fact that Gwen had to struggle to become Courtney's friend again after previous events. But Katie and Sadie fought at times too. Right now the friendship is on hiatus and seeminly over, but who knows? There's still a finale episode.
  • Courtney's three eliminations over the lapse of the show have been "illegalized." The votes were rigged in Island, she unofficially qualified for Action, and Chris got annoyed with her (and someone else), so he eliminated her.  This season was her ultimate fate.
  • Courtney admits to All-Stars being the "farthest she'd made it" in Total Drama history. Didn't she rank fourth in Action? Well, I'm pretty sure the writers are (terribly) trying to have Courtney admit that cheating her way into the second season didn't "officially" mean in her mind that she qualified and did good. Something like that.
  • Mal. I don't know what that "thing" was in Mike's brain in Grand Chef Auto, but it was there. Was it a proto-type design of Mal? Or was it a glitch? Whatever it was, it spawned a ton of fanonical stories and series, so I'm guessing that is where Mal evolved from.
  • Chris admits to tossing Ezekiel into a volcano in World Tour. This never happened, but Ezekiel snatched the case holding the prize money from Chris and then fell into the volcano in Hawaiian Punch. This confirms that Alejandro's ending is the canoncial one.
  • Mal rigs the votes against Cameron, and then reveals himself to doing it in the confessional. Hmmm...
  • Alejandro gains a new voice actor. This isn't confirmed, but it may be because he's been trapped in the robot suit for so long.
  • Duncan is arrested, instead of being sent to juvie. Why? Duncan is taken out of juvie in Island to compete, where he is confirmed to be sixteen. By Action, he is still sixteen because Beth confirms that the second season takes place "like, two minutes" after the season special. He is seventeen in World Tour, as one year had passed. By Revenge of the Island, he is still seventeen because Alejandro says that he had been trapped in the Drama Machine for a year, and TDAS takes place after TDRI. Confirmed by Alejandro, Duncan is eighteen by All-Stars, making him eighteen and a legal adult. This confirms that the contestants age on the show.
  • Duncan had a soft side, that appeared rarely and he never exposed it. This season, he is taunted for it. I know this is an annoying running gag to some, but it just confirms that his good side is still there.
  • Gwen keeps denying the fact that her kiss with Duncan did not take place while Courtney and Duncan were still a thing. This plot-hole is still "open," but I believe she is referring to their kiss in EX-Files, because she wanted to kiss Duncan in that episode (Courtney had broken-up with him in that same episode). Whereas in Greece's Pieces, Duncan had kissed her by himself by holding her hand.
  • Alejandro and Heather get back at each other for... Well, Heather betrayed Alejandro in the third season's finale for the money, and Alejandro had "stolen" the money from Heather, by her throwing in the wrong pineapple dummy.
  • Gwen tells Sierra to tell Cody she said "hi." Why? Because her and Duncan are broken-up by that point, and I'm pretty sure something happened that would make Duncan jealous by this statement. (Even though he wasn't by them, he still attended the ceremony.)
  • Mal went to the same juvie as Duncan. I think this just done to form some sort of "interaction" between the veteran and second generation contestants out-of-show.
  • Many old characters make cameos, probably to reveal what their fate had been:
    • Mr. Coconut appears in an oven in the losers' cabin. Wasn't he chopped in half by Chef Hatchet in Island? Well, this could prove that there are more than one Mr. Coconuts, and Chris and Chef make them for fun. (Hence, Coconut's "audition tape."
    • The appears in prison. The cast of the in-show series obviously called the police on him in the first season. He probably appeared in Total Drama Dirtbags because they bailed him out for fun
    • Jose makes his debut. This is just to confirm that Alejandro really does have a brother.
  • There are some reasons why some cast members didn't return to compete:
    • Noah was probably annoyed with Chris after his latest elimination.
    • Justin's "charms" don't work for him anymore.
    • Cody was too scared of Sierra, and probaby told her he was competing so she could go and leave him alone. (Hence why Sierra commonly thinks that Cody is on the show with her.)
    • Harold was inspired to "take pride" for his team, and probably didn't want to "ruin it" again.
    • Trent knew that Gwen and Duncan would return. Need I say more.
    • Bridgette and Geoff needed to stay to help with the Aftermath.
    • DJ was too scared after his past experiences.
    • Owen had already won the million. (Though he lost it in the special)
    • Staci was embaressed about her baldness, or was scared it would happen to her again.
    • Dakota was unsure if Sam was returning, hence why Sam thought that Dakota would come.
    • Dawn's "psychic" powers failed her. (Referenced in Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown)
    • Anne Maria was disappointed that the diamond was fake, and was scared of Ezekiel.
  • It was revealed that the cast members who returned got to choose if they were to return or not. Most of the returning contestants are there for the money. (Lindsay, Lightning, Jo, Heather, Cameron, Courtney, Scott, Zoey, Mike, Ezekiel) The others revealed they were there for different reasons, but still for the money. (Sam wanted to go for Dakota or some other mutant stuff, Sierra returned for Cody, Duncan returned for Gwen, Alejandro returned against his will, and Gwen returned to befriend Courtney.)
  • Ezekiel was one of the cast members, but was instead "voted off" early by Chris. This seems to be a running gag in the series (and one of the "most memorable" and "most used" ones), as he was voted out first in Island, disqualified first in World Tour, then was allowed to return but was voted off again anyways in the same episode, and then this happened.

So what do you guys think? As I continue thinking, I'll update this. Thanks for reading! Comment below for you opinions.

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