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Hey guys, I'm new here. But this is my review on TDAS so far. I am from America so I get the episodes normally every Tuesday.


Overall, this season seems pretty okay. The episodes aren't as good as other seasons', but the plotlines are okay. Some things, like certain eliminations, were REALLY stupid though and obvious. The elimination ceremonies are also pretty lame, the same as Revenge of the Island's were. Just basically the same as TDI's but with a different thing used to be shipped to Playa Des Losers. The last camper who doesn't get a marshmallow is eliminated, they must walk the Dock of Shame (never shown doing so, nor is this even mentioned) and then somehow be put into a giant toilet known as the "Flush of Shame", which they get (obviously) get flushed down and somehow end up at Playa Des Losers or the Aftermath stuido. (It's never been confirmed where they go after TDI)  


Heroes vs. Villains

In the first episode, Lindsay's elimination was shocking at first because a lot of people (and myself) thought that Lindsay would make it far. But once she was in the final two at the elimination ceremony, it was obvious who would go home because Courtney needed to stay for the CourtneyXDuncanXGwen conflict/interactions. I thought it was stupid that they even brought Lindsay back, she was basically a filler character this season. I mean, she WANTED HERSELF BOOTED OFF FOR RICE SAKE! I don't know if Chris counted Lindsay's vote against herself as an actual vote or not, but we do know this:

  • Courtney voted for Lindsay
  • Sierra may have, considering Lindsay is the reason she crushed Courtney
  • Zoey's vote remains unknown
  • Mike's vote remains unknown
  • Cameron's vote remains unknown
  • Sierra's vote remains unknown
  • Sam's vote remains unknown
  • Lindsay didn't vote, or if Chris counted it as a vote, she voted for herself

So obviously the majority of the cast had to have voted for Lindsay. I could see why, but it is also Courtney's fault for forcing Lindsey to push.

Evil Dread

Another obvious elimination. I mean, seriously? It could've been either Lightning or Jo, but Lightning miscounting the pieces, that one tiny little scene, made it pretty obvious he was gone. Now, Lightning wasn't much of a filler character this season but I would've liked to see more of him. Some of his scenes made me laugh while he was still on the show. This is what we know about this elimination:

  • Lightning voted for Jo (probably because she was his biggest threat)
  • Scott voted for Lightning
  • Heather voted for Lightning
  • Alejandro voted for Lightning (he despises Lightning from the start)
  • Gwen voted for Lightning (she despises him from the start)
  • Duncan voted for Lightning

So it was a 1-all vote. Bye bye Sha-Lightning.

Saving Private Leechball

This elimination was also pretty obvious. Heather couldn't get the boot so soon because she's considered one of the best "all-stars" Total Drama has ever seen. Plus with Jo screwing up the challenge for them by being unable to defeat Zoey and shooting their own team members ("Friendly fire counts!") it made it even more obvious. As with Lightning, Jo wasn't really a filler character but she got slightly annoying with her constant "Bunking with the Bickersons." This is what we know:

  • Heather voted for Jo
  • Jo voted for Heather
  • Gwen voted for Jo
  • Duncan voted for Jo
  • Scott voted for Jo (she shot him!)

Again, it is a 1-all vote. Bye bye Jo! Her elimination was also revealed in a behind-the-scenes script read aloud by Christian Potenza (Chris's voice actor) on his YouTube channel. It was a script for Episode 3, claiming that Jo would be flushed and there would be a "switcheroo", which is now revealed to be a team swap. (I'll get to that later.) But this line was recycled into Episode 4's recap.

Food Fright

This elimination was rather "surprising." Not really though. I mean, I could've seen Alejandro or Heather getting the boot this episode because Courtney and Gwen needed to stay and this CourtneyxScott thing is just getting started! This actually made me believe a villain would be off, but then they (out of nowhere) announce that Sam cheated. That is nothing like Sam at all! I mean, he didn't have to go to Exile Duty! This makes me believe that he is another filler character for TMO (Malevolent One) to mess with, and this is the only way they could eliminate him. Now I admit, Sam made me laugh this season but his elimination was just "cruddy", as Duncan would say like the beginning of this episode. Everyone on Sam's team voted for him, and Sam probably voted for Sierra or someone like that.


The first team-swap I think was unnecessary. I mean, really? I could've seen Gwen and Courtney switching, but not Duncan and Courtney! Later in "Moon Madness", Alejandro saves Heather from falling off of a bridge (still a villain) and Gwen saves Courtney from being mauled by an animal! (still villain) It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Now I realize it adds to the drama, but still. Duncan's heroic side is actually pretty funny to watch, and that's the only good thing about it.

The second team-swap wasn't really a swap, but rather a team-switch, but I'm adding it here anyways. So when Cameron volunteers for elimination in "Moon Madness", Chris decides to make him switch to the villains! Most Cameron fans think this is unfair, but I think's it's pretty dramatic. Sure, it ruins the whole point of the "Heroes vs. Villains" theme, but seeing pipsquak bubble boy on the all-star villains team is gonna be comical in future episodes. I believe that Chris was planning on the Hamsters voting for Mike due to him costing them the challenge with his MPD, and then he would announce Mike would be switched to the villains rather than be eliminated (which would be an homage to Duncan's "elimination" from TDWT where an intern goes instead) because Mike would add to the drama with his Malevolent side. ("Hahaha, perfect!")

Character Development

A lot of the character development (especially the second-generation cast) is very poor this season. Here are the examples:

Lindsay: Her character is developed enough, but she was pretty much a filler this season.

Lightning: His character could use some more development, but he wasn't much of a filler this season.

Jo: Her character is pretty much developed, but that whole JoxDuncan thing should've gone WAY more into detail, as we need to see Jo's loving side, but she wasn't that much of a filler.

Sam': His character is pretty much developed, but he was a MAJOR filler this season, so much of a filler that his elimination was so quick and pointless. They ruined his character this season with his elimination.

Scott: Scott's character could need a teensey-eeney bit more development, but he definitely isn't a filler this season. I like the whole ScottxCourtney thing, but I'm dying to see if it's legit or some type of manipulation. He doesn't use his "throwing challenges" ways anymore, but he attempts to in "Evil Dread", so it's okay.

Duncan: His character is developed enough, but his heroic side could do some more this season, but he isn't a filler. Gwen: They kinda ruined Gwen's character so the old Gwen's development needs to be reborn, but she isn't filler. Her break-up with Duncan though, was so quick and pointless. I'm kind of guessing they will reunite by the end of the season though.

Courtney: Her character is developed enough, but she isn't filler. I am really loving the her and Scott interacts though.

Heather: Her character is developed enough, but she isn't filler.

Alejandro: Since Alejandro's voice actor and womanizing skills are gone, they need to work more on his "injured" side, but I want the old Alejandro back. He isn't that much of filler, but slightly is because his antagonistic side is pretty much gone. His introduction was also clearly not thought out and was just quick and pointless.

Zoey: Her character is developed enough, not sure if she's filler or not yet.

Sierra: Her character is developed enough, but she is filler. I'll say she isn't if she'll stop obsessing over CODY! It was fine and funny when he was actually on the show with her but now it's just annoying.

Cameron: His character is developed enough, but now that he's a villain I want to see more of his villainous side, if he has one that is. He is slightly filler this season, but not much.

Mike: Mike's character (Mike) is developed enough, along with Chester, Vito, Svelenta, and Manitoba. To read about my feelings for TMO, see below.

The Malevolent One (TMO)

So Mike's new alternate personality is...well, here's how he started. When Mike was fighting his other personalities in "Revenge of the Island", an evil Mike flashes for a second in the background. People thought it was a new sprouting personality, and others thought it was merely a lighting coincidence. But Mike was eliminated too early to find out for sure. In the first episode of All-Stars, it is revealed that Mike can now control his personalities (while he's awake) and they don't appear at any time whenever they want. It is also cool watching Zoey interact with the personalities (like Manitoba ) and knowing that they aren't Mike. But in episode two, the beginning of the episode has Vito and Manitoba talking about "him" coming. Who is him? We later find out when Scott hits Mike on the head with a shovel, causing The Malevolent One (I like to call him TMO: as pronounced, "teemo") to supposedly "wipe out" the other personas and rise out of a "vault" in Mike's mind. TMO's very first appearance started it all, him sitting by the fire, saying "One by one, they will all...fall!" was one of the most epic things I've ever watched. That is why TMO is my favorite character this season. Now unless TMO does some more stuff, Alejandro will be my favorite antagonist because he caused pretty much all of the eliminations in TDWT except a couple. TMO is my second-favorite antagonist. In the third episode, TMO has an evil BETTER scene! He awakens suddenly, and looks like a skeleton-type figure, walking through the darkness of Mike and Cameron's bedroom in the McLean Brand Hotel. He then gets out Sam's game device and rips it in half, saying "Hahaha, perfect!" Another great line! His voice just sounds so perfect saying this line! Mike's reaction after seeing the broken DS or whatever in his hands is hilarious. TMO then has a confessional, saying he "likes when things get scary" and chuckles like Scott...In the fourth episode, TMO breaks Sierra's phone, and this time the wreck-ening of the device isn't that dramatic, but he just like appears out of nowhere like a ghost. It's pretty freaky. TMO then messes with the Sald Spinner and puts it on "max power." In the same episode, Duncan begins to become suspicious of Mike, claiming that he knows his voice from somewhere. (Take note that Mike's voice sounds way more high-pitched after TMO becomes his only other MP.) In the fifth episode, the Blue Harvest Moon causes TMO to stay the main personality of Mike for the whole day until sunrise. He wreaks havoc on his team and tries killing them all, he even tries knocking Zoe out with a log so she can fall down a cliff! In the beginning of the episode, a very freaky scene shows Mike hiding underneath the stairs then tripping Cameron as he walks down them, cauing his glasses to break. Again, Duncan becomes suspicious and his reaction to seeing TMO strangle a bird ("Okay, hold on a minute!") is hilarious. TMO seems to know Duncan back, as he becomes nervous during the conversation, but Mie doesn't seem to remember meeting Duncan. (besides from watching Total Drama)

So my point of view is that I can't wait to see the tragic past of TMO/Duncan. For some reason, I think Duncan bullied Mike as a kid and that's what sprouted TMO. Or TMO is the real Mike (the main controller of the body) and Mike is just a personality, as TMO's picture is hidden behind Mike's in his brain. Another thing to note, when Mike goes unconcious in "Grand Chef Auto", that's TMO makes his debut as a cameo. Maybe that head injury was TMO's halfway point to fully knocking Mike out and controlling the body. Well thnx for reading and I'll talk to you guys later!

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