So to my point of view, I think that many moments in Total Drama All-Stars have been either confusing, pointless, poorly-written, rushed, or do not follow the contuinity of the show. Here they:

Heroes vs. Villains

  • Lindsay's elimination actually surprised me, but once it was down to her and Courtney - it was obvious who would go.
  • Alejandro's debut. Why couldn't they just introduce him when the robot was introduced? It wasn't all that dramatic. We all knew who was inside the suit before the season even aired!
  • Mike has his multiple personalities back. I thought they were gone. I guess they were just brought back to support the Mal storyline. Unless they came back in between seasons, but Mike now has control over them. Even though he did before, but okay...
  • Everyone, from this episode on (except Heather and Chris), mispronouncing Alejandro's name as AlEEjandro. Come on. Even the TDWT contestants did, and they spent a whole season with him!
  • The whole Gwen-Courtney relationship. I don't understand. They never interacted much in TDI, nor TDA, and in TDWT the only reason they interacted was because they were on the same team and the love triangle started. They act like they were blood besties or something.

Evil Dread

  • Lightning's elimination was so obvious, it hurt me. Lightning is a cool character, but they made him dumb as crap. The writers just wanted him to leave so bad. There was even a goof the writers probably did on purpose just to find a reason for Lightning to leave.
  • Mike and Mal. When Mike talked to Zoey, saying "Nothing, just sitting here," is he Mike or Mal? Mal doesn't acquire the ability to impersonate Mike until Moon Madness. If it is Mike, his voice sounds soooo different...
  • I can't remember if it was this episode or the next, but Gwen goes in the confessional and claims she has a crush on Alejandro. She was immune to him all last season, and the only interaction they really had was him picking her up out of the water while she was in shock.

Saving Private Leechball

  • Jo's elimination was obvious too. Again, the writers vowed it to happen. Since when can Zoey out-last a physical challenge? I understand that Zoey was a "god player" last season for one episode, but come on. She dodged like thirty leeches and Jo's aim was way off!
  • The Duncan and Courtney team switch. Now I know that Courtney should've been a villain to start with, but why label Duncan as a hero? It just ruined his character even more. I honestly think it was done just so the break-up would happen...and then Duncan's elimination having a reason. I could see Gwen and Courtney switching, but they wouldn't dare have that happen.

Food Fright

  • Sam's elimination. Actually surprised me, but was poorly written. So Chris announces at the very end that Sam cheated...instead of saying that at the end of the challenge. Another obvious elimination. Why wouldn't Chris just disqualify Sam? He's done that before, and that situation was way less worse than this.

Moon Madness

  • So Mal comes to life "permanetly" during the Blue Harvest Moon, even though he isn't an animal...Or is he?
  • I know we have seen a living dolphin, some animals who are given personification, and a log-rolling bear; but come on! This episode was so cartoon-ish and not realistic like it's supposed to be. A moon that changes people? ....
  • Heather being nice to "get back" at Alejandro. She could've done that for another reason, but oh well. That's Aleheather for ya.
  • The break-up. Too fast. Just blah. The one interaction most fans went on and on and debated about...only to be broken-up so fast. I realize why Gwen did it, but this was a Mike and Zoey moment. Gwen just never confonts him about it first.
  • Why the team switch? Not fair! Not realistic! Cameron is not a villain! He did nothing on the team for an episode and a half but act like he and Gwen were best friends since kindergarten. It was just a lame excuse to keep Cameron in, only for his downfall a couple episodes later.

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

  • Heather's elimination was probably the most dramatic one in the series thus far, but it was so obvious that Alejandro took the immunity idol. They could've just revealed he did in the confessional, but not have told Heather.
  • The Cody's. Really? They were just introduced for the boxing match.

To be continued.

To be continued.

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