I haven't come up with a clever title for this season, but this is what I think should happen for season seven. Now, in my writing, this will be the last season where the majority of the veterans and second-generation contestants compete. It will feature every single competitor from Island, Action, World Tour, Revenge of the Island, and All-Stars.

The pre-merge half of the season will play out like TDI, but with a twist. On the pilot episode, each contestant will need to form a three-man team with three other competitors. That three-man team will stay until the merge, where it will be every man for themselves. When a team has only one remaining contestant on it, they will be switched to another team that has only two members remaining- adding in some more twists and drama. The team that wins the given challenge per episode will win, and the two teams that came in last or did the more terrible during the challenge (depends on challenge) will be sent to the ceremony. The twist is- the two teams can vote for members of the opposite team! So say, Izzy's team and Mike's team are at the ceremony together. Someone on Izzy's team could vote someone on Mike's team out. Get the twist? Here are the teams:

(Chris wouldn't allow relationship-teams, so people in a relationship can't be on the same team)

Team name Members Added members
Team Winners Ezekiel, Tyler, Cody N/A
Team Crazies Eva, Noah, Izzy N/A (whole team passed merge)
Thuh Manipulators Justin, Alejandro, Mal N/A (whole team passed merge)
Team Friendship Katie, Beth, Blaineley N/A (dissolved)
Team Friendship 2.0 Sadie, Sierra, Staci Leshawna
Team Ninja Butt-Kickers (Team Ninja) Harold, Heather, Anne Maria N/A (whole team passed merge)
Team Do-Over Trent, Gwen, Mike Mr. Coconut
Team To-the-End (Team End) Bridgette, Lindsay, Courtney N/A (whole team passed merge)
Team Victory DJ, B, Dawn N/A (whole team passed merge)
Team Skullcrushers Geoff, Duncan, Zoey Katie
Team Cadets Brick, Jo, Lightning N/A
Team Oddballs (team of people who were not picked) Leshawna, Dakota, Cameron N/A (dissolved)
Team Dude Owen, Sam, Mr. Coconut N/A (dissolved)


This is the elimination order of the season. Read above for information on how the voting goes.

Elimination table
Rank Contestant Team
39. Sam Team Dude
38. Blaineley Team Friendship
37. Sierra Team Friendship 2.0
36. Mike Team Do-Over
35. Geoff Team Skullcrushers
34. Beth Team Friendship (Katie is transferred to Team Skullcrushers)
33/32. Cameron (eliminated) Team Oddballs
33/32. Dakota (leaves to be with Sam) Team Oddballs (Leshawna is transferred to Team Friendship 2.0)
31. Owen Team Dude (Mr. Coconut is transferred to Team Do-Over)
30. Jo Team Cadets
29. Mr. Coconut Team Do-Over
28. Staci Team Friendship 2.0
27. Duncan Team Skullcrushers
26. Cody Team Winners
25. Zoey Team Skullcrushers
24. B Team Victory
23. Justin Thuh Manipulators
22. Gwen Team Do-Over
21. Anne Maria Team Ninja
20. DJ Team Victory
19. Mal Thuh Manipulators
18. Sadie Team Friendship 2.0
17. Izzy Team Crazies
16. Lightning Team Cadets
15. Alejandro Thuh Manipulators
14. Leshawna Team Friendship 2.0
13. Courtney Team End
12. Heather Team Ninja
11. Brick Team Cadets
10. Lindsay Team End
9. Tyler Team Winners
8. Trent Team Do-Over
7. Bridgette Team End
6. Eva Team Crazies
5. Katie Team Skullcrushers
4. Ezekiel (F4 Battle Royale; winner in alternate ending) Team Winners
3. Harold (F4 Battle Royale; winner in alternate ending) Team Ninja
2. Noah (F4 Battle Royale; winner in alternate ending) Team Crazies
1. Dawn (F4 Battle Royale; winner in alternate ending) Team Victory


Interactions returning from All-Stars are: Courtney and Scott's conflict/attraction, Duncan/Zoey's friendship, Alejandro/Mal's conflict, etc. Pretty much every interaction.

New interactions are: Harold has an attraction towards Anne Maria, a Leshawna and Anne Maria conflict, a Duncan and Zoey relationship, and much more dramatizing interactions.

Why Mal?

Wasn't Mal destroyed forever in All-Stars? And isn't he a multiple persona of Mike's? Well, you're right there. But in this season, Mal is actually Mike's juvenile brother. Mike had looked up to his older brother until he was sent away to juvie, and Mike was then an only child and was depressed through his childhood without another sibling to hang with. So, through his disorder, he created a "copy" of Mal, that acted slightly like the real one, but broke things instead of...beating up/murdering people. Chris decided to throw in some drama and bring the real Mal into the game. Mal had watched season five and understands who hates him and who doesn't, and it is played out like it is the same old Mal from All-Stars... but better-written and spookier.


Thanks for reading! Leave some feedback for me below! ScottBird, out!

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