Hey guys. TheScottBird here. This is my theory on the multiple personality of Mike, and main antagonist of Total Drama All-Stars, The Malevolent One. He was introduced in "Evil Dread", and will probably stay for the entire series.


This is what we know so far about "Mal." In his debut episode, Scott accidentally smacks Manitoba Smith (one of Mike's other multiple personalities) and puts him into some type of concussion. In Mike's mind, Manitoba informs the three other multiple personalties; Chester, Vito, and Svelenta; that "The Malevolent One is coming." The others then freak out. A portrait of Mike behind the personaltiies then turns into a portrait of a silouhette of Mike. This silouhette has Mike's hair extending over his left eye, and he has a devilish smile on his face. The background of the portrait is red. In all episodes afterwards, we meet Mal. He is the only personality Mike has that does not need a trigger (nudeness, anger, gymnastic conversations, or a hat) to "come to life." But after Evil Dread, all of the other personalties are no longer able to be triggered. Mike has a hard time with this. Mal's plot gets even more interesting when we learn that he was the toughest and scariest inmate at Duncan's juvenile detention hall, which has been discussed about since the first season. So we know some facts: Mal likes to break things, he is a "pretty bad guy," he was in juvie for reasons unknown, he is the strongest out of all Mike's multiple personalities, it is unclear yet if Mal or Mike are the owners of the body.


My theory since the Duncan/Mal plot had been brought to life is listed in the following. Please do not taunt me and say, "You were wrong!" or other hurtful comments if a future episode proves these predictions wrong. Remember that this is a theory and not solid proof of Mal's backstory. Thanks for reading up to this point.

So the theory starts here. I have two theories: one that is more believable, and one that is still accurate but harder to believe. Here is the harder to believe one:

Harder-To-Believe theory

So in this theory, I believe that Mal is the main controller of the body. Mal was just simply born a hardcore kid. (A possible "in-theory theory" is that his parents were abusive.) He was the toughest bully in his school, he was a thief, he was a crook, he was every law-breaker name in the book. One day he was turned in during his early teen years and went to juvenile detention hall. He was still ruthless in there. So they decided he needed counceling. After going through counceling, his mind started going insane. He kept imagining himself as different people, such as a gymnastic-loving Swedish woman. He was taken to a hospital of some sort, and the doctors realized he had Multiple Personality Disorder. After being sent back to juvie, the councelors took this to their advantage. After doing everything they could to make Mal good, Michael was born. Michael, or Mike, was the complete opposite of Mal. He was a nice, friendly guy who didn't bother anybody. Soon after counceling Mike and not Mal, Mike became the prominent owner of the body. He went on to high school, where the teachers and students were surprised at how much he had changed: his personality, his appearance, and his voice. Mal's voice was much deeper than Mike's because Mal always tried making his voice "mysterious" to fit his evil personality. But after being knocked out during his competing on the reality show, "Total Drama: Revenge of the Island," Mal was brought back but not fully. He watched as Mike, Svelenta, Manitoba, Vito, and Chester all faught each other in his own brain. It only took one more concussion for Mal to be fully awakened. Due to being trapped for so long, Mike was still the owner of the body, so Mal could only spawn himself out at certain times. More will be added as more info is revealed.

The Believable Theory

So this is the more believable theroy. Michael, or Mike, was just a normal school kid. At a very young age, the doctors had informed Mike's parents that he had a rare disorder called MPD, or Multiple Personality Disorder. During school, Mike was given special treatment by the teachers because of his disorder. But not special treatment in a nice way, he was treated as if he had serious mental problems and was a slow learner. Mike was actually a very intelligent kid, but was always being picked on by kids at school for his problem. One day, Mike was getting bullied so bad that another personality had been unleashed. This personality was named The Malevolent One. He wreaked havoc over the entire town Mike lived in. He loved breaking or ruining people's property just for the heck of doing it. He was also able to rid of Mike's other personalities while active. But he was soon turned into juvenile detention hall for nearly killing one of the kids who constantly picked on Mike. Mike's parents tried to bail him out, with their defense being that The Malevolent One was born through a disorder, but the authorities were afraid that Mike wouldn't be able to help if TMO was unleashed or not. During prison time, The Malevolent One went by the nickname Mal, due to his full name being "non-humane," as he described it. Mal was taken to counceling in juvie, but it never worked. Until one day, the juvie brought in their toughest councelors to cure Mike of his MPD. It actually ended up working, but Mike was kept in juvie to see if Mal would return. Only the original four personalties returned, and Mike was released. Mike lived a good, long life. He got better grades in school, and no kid ever dared to pick on him after what "he" did to the last kid who bullied him. One day during Mike's competiting on the reality show "Total Drama: Revenge of the Island," Mike had gotten knocked out and began to fight his other personalities. He thought that if he was able to rid of Mal forever, that he could do the same with the others. He was able to get rid of them, but they slowly came back. But this didn't bother Mike, as Mike was able to spawn them when needed now. Little did Mike know though, that the concussion he had suffered had unleashed Mal again. Another hit on the head would fully unleash him, and it happened. A hit to the head with a hard, metal shovel knocked Mike out. Mal awoke and again, wiped out the other personalities. Due to still being slightly trapped, he could only spawn at certain times. But after a couple more injuries, Mal was able to take control and trap Mike into his own mind. More will be added as more info is revealed.

The End

Thanks for reading! Please, leave some feedback below. Did you enjoy it? Is there anything unrealistic? Let me know! As more episodes of TDAS air, I will add more. Here's a little trivia for you: I, along with a lot of other people, believed Mal was born due to Duncan's bullying during Mike's childhood, but this was proven false.

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