Hey guys. So me and my two cousins are betting on TDPI. By that, I mean that we are all making our own predictions for the rest of the elimiantions in TDPI. Each correct elimination gets $5, so we're gonna be making some cash. :)

My prediction

(My prediction is kind of more "laid out" as I'm the one typing this out XD)

8. Sugar (in This Is The Pits!)

7. Topher (in Three Zones and A Baby)

6. Dave (in Hurl and Go Seek)

5/4. Scarlett & Max(this is a stretch; unless the writers count Samey's elimination as a double elimination, then there has to be another one) (in Scarlett Fever)

Reward episode: Sky Fall (???)

3. Jasmine (in Pahk'd With Talent)

Finalists: Shawn & Sky (also a stretch...I couldn't see a Dave & Sky finale, and nothing else really fit unless Jasmine & Sky seems alright - but to me, it's not alright.)

Cousin 1's prediction

8. Sugar 

7. Max 

6. Dave

5. Scarlett

4. Topher

3. Shawn

Finalists: Sky & Jasmine

Cousin 2's prediction

8. Max

7. Sugar

6. Sky

5. Shawn

4. Dave

3. Jasmine

Finalists: Scarlett & Topher

So comment your prediction(s) and, if you want, which one of ours is better. 

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