Hey guys. I have been "studying" (well, not really) and I have discovered some secrets to the series. Here they are:


  • Owen and Gwen: Their names both end with "wen," as revealed in TDI Rundown. A clever trick.
  • Duncan and Beth: Leshawna sings a song in Million Dollar Babies, and Duncan and Beth's names are sung in a verse together. This wouldn't be a "secret/hint" if Duncan and Beth really didn't have anything to do with each other at the time.
  • Alejandro and Heather: They are the only two seen together in their debut to the opening sequence. (Cody, Zeke, and Tyler appear together- but that's three; Cody and Sierra are seen together- but Cody makes his debut in a baby carriage with Tyler)
  • Cameron and Lightning. Both are the only ones to have recycled lines from their audition tapes used in the show.
  • Mike and Zoey: Both are the only second-generation contestants, besides Scott, to rank higher than they did on their debut season.
  • Scott: Scott, along with Mike and Zoey, is the only second-generation contestant to rank higher than he did on his debut season. What place did he get here? 3rd. So that means he was eliminated right before the finalists, so the FINAL 3 had some foreshadowing.
  • Final Four All-Stars: Gwen, Mike, Scott, and Zoey are all seen looking down at Fang in the water together in the first episode. They ended up being the final four of the season.
    Reaction to Fang 2

    The Final 4 of TDAS shot from Heroes vs. Villains.


  • Owen: All of the contestants cameo in the beginning, but Owen is the only one who has a line. ("Noooo!")
  • Izzy: Finders Creepers. Izzy is considered a "creeper." You put the facts together.
  • Bridgette: Backstabbers Ahoy! Bridgette backstabbed Geoff in TDWT with Alejandro.
  • Lindsay: Runaway Model. Lindsay mentioned in Haute Camp-ture that she wanted to be a model.
  • Ezekiel: A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste. Not a lot of clues, but the "mine" in the title could be referring to Ezekiel's self, or something like that. As in, "My Life Is a Terrible Thing to Waste." He basically wasted it for a million dollars.
  • Gwen: The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean. There isn't really a lot of clues, but the episode title references a scary movie; and Gwen really loves scary movies.
  • Duncan: Grand Chef Auto. I already knew Duncan would cameo when just the title was the only thing we knew. Grand Theft Auto. Robbing. Stealing. It pretty much describes Duncan.
  • Heather: Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon. "Pitiful." Heather. Okay....
  • DJ: Eat, Puke, and Be Wary. "Eat." DJ's sandwiches. DJ is also a "scaredy-kat," so he could be wary too.
  • Ezekiel: The Enchanted Franken-Forest. "Frankenstein." Ezekiel. Pretty much the same thing.
  • Ezekiel yet again: Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown. Remember Ezekiel in the finale of TDWT? Well, that was an "ultimate showdown." So thus, Freakial is here.

Opening sequences

These ones aren't as surprising, but they still led to some important stuff.

  • Owen is the first contestant seen in the TDI opening sequence, and he was later a finalist of the season.
    • Gwen is later one of the last contestants seen in that opening sequence (along with Trent and Cody), and she is a finalist alongside Owen.
  • The same case with Owen, Cameron is the first contestant viewed in the TDRI opening sequence, and he later became a finalist.
  • Referring to the above info, Cameron and Owen are the only contestants seen in the water in their debut season's opening sequence, and they both later became finalists.
  • Mr Coconut appears in a chest with Cameron and some McLean-Brand Chris Heads in the TDAS opening sequence. Mr. Coconut later made a cameo in Zeek And Ye Shall Find.
  • A toilet paper roll appears in the TDAS opening sequence. This references the Flush of Shame.
  • A spray bottle is seen in the TDAS opening sequence. This is what Alejandro uses in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, and other characters use it as well.

Hope you enjoyed. I'll try to find some more.

I also found something else... When the episode title for the season finale of TDRI was released, it was revealed as "Brain vs. Brain: The Ultimate Showdown." This was revealed to be "Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown." You know why? The "brain" of the show is obviously Cameron (because B was already eliminated), and Lightning is obviously the "brawn." If they leaked the official title, then the finalists were already leaked along with it.

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