Hey guys, I've returned after a hiatus from this wiki. And, with my return, I bring a question: if the Ridonculous Race was to have another season with nothing but original TD contestants (from Island to All-Stars) what would the two-player teams be? Well, here's my suggestions, but I want to know yours too! Comment below! The suggestions do not need to be connected in anyway, they can be just a two-player team you'd love to see on the show.

  • Ezekiel and Max
  • Eva and Jo 
  • Noah and Dave
  • Justin and Alejandro
  • Katie and Sadie
  • Tyler and Lindsay
  • Izzy and Sky
  • Cody and Amy
  • Beth and Samey
  • Courtney and Trent
  • Harold and Anne Maria
  • Bridgette and Zoey
  • DJ and Rodney
  • Geoff and Leonard
  • Leshawna and Sugar
  • Duncan and Scott/Shawn
  • Heather and Dakota
  • Gwen and Topher
  • Owen and Brick
  • Sierra and Blaineley
  • Staci and Scarlett
  • B and Beardo
  • Dawn and Mike
  • Lightning and Jasmine
  • Cameron and Ella

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