Hey guys, TheScottBird here. As I promised, I am moving all of my elimination orders from my old blog to their own blogs. So, here is my TDRI elimination order. The TDRI elimination order can be found here and my TDAS one can be found here.


This is going to be the format of my order:

Eliminated: [Contestant]
Reasoning: [Reason of eliminaton]
Place: [Rank the eliminated contestant has once eliminated]
My Note: [A note concerning why I eliminated the contestant at this point in the series]
Additional notes may be added to express more information.


"Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 1" 

Eliminated: Duncan
Reasoning: Same as before
Place: 18th
My Note: I decided to leave Duncan out of the show here because I felt that his return was pretty pointless. Sure, I still have to allow the love triangle to happen, but it wouldn't be so much of a issue if Duncan wasn't in the game with the other two.

"Walk Like an Egyptian - Part 2"
Eliminated: N/A
Reasoning: Chris decided that since Duncan quit in the previous episode that there will be no elimination
My Note: A pretty useless edit? I agree, but I felt that an elimination here is pointless, and the real writers only did it as a way to create feral Zeke.

"Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan"
Eliminated: DJ
Reasoning: Same as before, but this time Harold realizes that Alejandro is manipulating him so he doesn't quit
Place: 17th
My Note: I thought having Harold quit in place of DJ was a stupid idea. Harold is a great contestant, and his quitting was pretty out-of-character for him.

"Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better"
Eliminated: Leshawna
Reasoning: It was Leshawna's idea to leave Bridgette behind, which resulted in her team's loss
Place: 16th
My Note: Just because Bridgette was stuck to a pole doesn't mean that was immune to releasing herself from it. If Leshawna were to pick Bridgette up and take her to the finish line, her team would've won - even if Bridgette was unable to do anything of importance.

"Slap Slap Revolution"
Eliminated: Ezekiel
Reasoning: He does the worst during the challenge
Place: Returns in "I See London..."
My Note: I felt that Zeke needed to go on a little farther, but return later on. TDI wasn't a good season for Zeke, and the writers really abused him as the series' punching bag contestant.

"Can't Help Falling in Louvre"
Eliminated: Harold
Reasoning: In the fashion challenge, Harold's fashion is the worst out of him, Bridgette, and Lindsay
Place': 15th
My Note: I still have to keep in the plotline of Team Victory's members being wiped out early, so this is what happens.

"Jamaica Me Sweat"
Eliminated: Bridgette & Izzy
Reasoning: Blaineley sends in employees from Celebrity Manhunt to get Bridgette out of the show to host the Aftermaths; Izzy loses the challenge for her team
Places: 14th- Bridgette; 13th- Izzy
My Note: What better way to have Bridgette leave? Her way of elimination is my version of Izzy's in the actual series

"I See London..."
Returners: Ezekiel
Reasoning: He isn't found by the contestants, so Chris allows him back into the game
Note: Ezekiel is still hiding out in the cargo hold, but isn't mutated or zombified
Note: Ezekiel is placed on Team Chris instead of Team Victory.
Eliminated: Lindsay
Reasoning: She did the worst during the challenge to find "Jack"
Place: 12th
My Note: I felt that the Victory gag, as I mentioned before, still needed to happen so the last member of that team is eliminated in this episode.

"The EX-Files"
Eliminated: Tyler
Reasoning: Same as before
Notes: Tyler overhears Gwen in the confessional (in "Greece's Pieces") talking about her secret relationship with Duncan that has been taking place since the gap between TDA and TDWT, but she admits that she feels bad about Courtney being supposedly cheated on
Place: 11th
My Note: This was a good place for Tyler to be eliminated in my opinion.

"Picnic at Hanging Dork"
Eliminated: Courtney
Reasoning: There is no tie-breaker elimination challenge, as all the votes are triggered towards Courtney due to her constant raging on Gwen
Place: 10th
My Note: Gwen deserved to go farther than Courtney in the actual series.

"Niagra Brawls"
Returners: Blaineley
Notes: During the challenge, Noah is paired with Blaineley and Owen is paired with Gwen
Eliminated: Noah
Reasoning: His and Blaineley's constant bickering annoyed the other contestants
Place: 9th
My Note: Even though I wanted Noah to win this season, he needed to be eliminated around this time.

"Chinese Fake-Out"
Eliminated: Owen
Reasoning: Alejandro, Blaineley, and Heather target him due to his overall popularity
Place: 8th
My Note: Owen, the screen-hog... I just felt he needed to be eliminated here, as he needed to go far but not too far.

"African Lying Safari"
Note: A contestant is chosen as the "animal" that needs to be captured, and Ezekiel is chosen
Eliminated: Ezekiel & Sierra
Reasoning: Ezekiel is found by Alejandro during the challenge, and is disqualified; Sierra fails to do anything due to being jealous over Cody and the bamboos
Places: 7th- Ezekiel; 6th- Sierra
My Note: I needed a way for Zeke to eliminated because he couldn't go too far, and Sierra couldn't go too far either.

"Awwwww, Drumheller"
Eliminated: Blaineley
Reasoning: She loses the challenge
Place: 5th
My Note: I know, I know. What a terrible reasoning. But she needed to go somewhere, because I felt her two-episode competition time was pretty pointless.

"Planes, Trains and Hot Air Mobiles"
Eliminated: Gwen
Reasoning: She is the last one to reach to Hawaii
Place: 4th
My Note: Gwen couldn't win this season, but she deserved to go far.

"Hawaiian Style"
Eliminated: Alejandro
Reasoning: The tie-breaker challenge between Cody and Alejandro is changed to the challenge that Alejandro and Heather originally took part in the actual challenge. Cody chooses Sierra, Gwen, and Harold; Alejandro chooses Courtney, Lindsay, and Tyler. Cody ultimately wins the race to the top of the volcano, where they find Heather.
Place: 3rd

Eliminated: Cody
Reasoning: In a duel battle over the top of a volcano, Heather manages to push Cody into it, but Sierra saves him. As a twist joke, Cody says "That volcano's a prop, right?" An intern then accidentally falls into it and dies.
Place: 2nd
Winner: Heather My Note: I thought that a Cody v. Heather finale were to happen for the best. I loved the final three this season, but having a new contestant outlast the veterans to the finale didn't make sense, so I made two veterans compete for the million. Another Note: During the finale, Heather is about to push Cody into the volcano, but Sierra saves him. Alejandro fights Heather for the million, claiming it belongs to him, but he is flung into the volcano. After realizing that the volcano is real due to the intern incident, the other interns save him. The cut-scene shown at the ends play out as normal, and the episode ends with Heather winning and the volcano not erupting.


A lot of people are wandering if the continuity between my elimination orders take place in the same series, if that makes sense. No, they do not. So, for example, in my TDA elimination the season before it is the actual TDI and not my TDI. Okay?

--It's a bird, it's a plane! Nope, it's just ScottBird (talk) (blog) (rankings) 17:25, February 16, 2014 (UTC)

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