Hey guys, TheScottBird here. As I promised, I am moving all of my elimination orders from my old blog to their own blogs. So, here is my TDRI elimination order. The TDAS elimination order can be found here.


This is going to be the format of my order:

Eliminated: [Contestant]
Reasoning: [Reason of elimination]
Place: [Rank the eliminated contestant has once eliminated]
Cameo: [Non-competing contestant who cameos this episode]
My Note: [A note concerning why I eliminated the contestant at this point in the series]
Additional notes may be added to express more information.

Like Chwiis and ArtDraw12, I am making Scott a failure of an antagonist, but somehow still a main one. Jo will take the role as main main antagonist. There are also no team switches, and Jo is an original member of the Rats and Lightning a Maggot.


"Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!"
Eliminated: None
Reasoning: Chris decides that it is too early in the season for the "newbies" to be eliminated, so he cuts them some slack and delays the ceremony.
Cameo: Owen (Same as the orignal; I felt that Total Drama's mascot needed to cameo in the debut episode for the second-generation cast.)
Cameo: Veterans (As before, all of the veterans are seen riding on a boat at the beginning of the episode.)
My Note: I was never planning on having this a non-elimination episode, but after reading ArtDraw12's order, I realized that this needed to be done.

"Truth or Laser Shark"
Eliminated: Staci
Reasoning: Same as her original
Place: 13th
Cameo: Harold (He was obviously planned to cameo in this episode in the actual series, but was supposedly scrapped. So, I added him back in.)
My Note: Even though we learned more about her family than herself in the actual series, she was a really annoying character so I gave her the boot early.

"Ice Ice Baby"
Eliminated: B
Reasoning: After Scott successfully loses the challenge for his team, he tries convincing his team to vote for Dawn. Everyone instead listens to Jo and vote for B, as he is a bigger threat.
Place: 12th
Cameo: Tyler (Tyler is brought back to help the contestants in the challenge, and Chris does it as a way to torture Tyler after his past experiences with cold weather in season three.)
My Note: If B would've stayed on the show longer, I do believe he would've actually talked. But since his "silent treatment" was a plotline of the series, I couldn't change it, so he got the early boot.

"Backstabbers Ahoy!"
Eliminated: Sam
Reasoning: Scott tries to eliminate Dawn by stealing the contestants' belongings and planning to blame the thefts on her, but instead Jo uses this to her advantage and blames it on Sam behind Scott's back, leaving Scott confused as to what happened.
Place: 11th
Cameo: Bridgette (Same cameo as before, but since Dakota is still in the game she does not also cameo alongside her.)
My Note: Sam did have some potential to go farther, but with two villains on his team he was an easy contestant to betray/manipulate.

"Runaway Model"
Eliminated: Dakota
Reasoning: She tries the hardest to rescue Lindsay (as she is another "beauty queen") but instead ends up trying too hard.
Place: 10th
Cameo: Lindsay (Same as before)
My Note: Eliminating Dakota here (two episodes before her fatal mistake) was the best decision for me. With Sam gone, she had not storylines left basically.

"A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste"
Eliminated: Cameron
Reasoning: Cameron plots to rid of Anne Maria for messing with Mike's disorder, but she ends up finding out. She tells Brick about this and he believes that Cameron is a villain, thus forming a temporary alliance with Lightning and Anne Maria to vote him out.
Place: 9th
Cameo: Ezekiel (Even though my series does not zombify him, Chris uses him as an "obstacle" as he did in TDWT.)
My Note: Cameron?! Isn't he a main character? Well, at least he placed 9th. I eliminated him here to slowly have Mike fighting his disorder on his own. You'll find out what I mean if you further on in the list. I also needed to have a place for Brick to commit a great, heroic act... but fail while doing it.

"The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean"
Note: Merge episode!
Eliminated: Dawn
Reasoning: Scott plans on eliminating Dawn as her aura-reading tells her that he is devious, but Jo also plans to at the same time for the same reason. Scott then realizes that Jo has been sabotaging against his antagonistic ways, but the two settle their differences and team up.
Place: 8th
Cameo: Gwen (Same as before, but this time Sam isn't with her as there would be no point to it.)
My Note: Dawn could've gone on farther with her aura-reading. But, with antagonists in the game, they were going to eventually realize that since Dawn can read through their anatomy pretty much, she can tell who's a villain and who's not.

"Grand Chef Auto"
Eliminated: Zoey
Reasoning: After working together with Jo, they manage to complete the challenge but Scott wins the immunity and the ability to eliminate the contestant of his choice. He decides to eliminate Zoey, knowing that Mike (who finally confesses that he has a disorder) is nothing without her. Zoey then tells Mike that he has to try now without her, and to win for her.
Place: 7th
Cameo: Duncan (Same as before)
My Note: Now you know what I meant. Since Cameron and Zoey are both gone, Mike has to fight his disorder on his own. I made these changes to show viewers that Zoey is not the cure to Mike's problems, because that sparked a lot of controversies. But aside from that, this also prevents "Commando Zoey" from happening, which also sparked arguing over her supposed "godplaying."

"Up, Up and Away In My Pitiful Balloon"
Eliminated: Anne Maria
Reasoning: Her obsession with stealing the million from Heather (to the point of almost murdering the others) causes her defeat.
Place: 6th
Cameo: Heather (Same as before)
My Note: I felt that Anne Maria needed to go farther than she did in the actual series. Instead of Lightning fighting Heather for the money to win the challenge, I had Anne Maria fight Heather for the money to win the challenge and the money itself.

"Eat, Puke and Be Wary"
Eliminated: Mike & Brick
Reasoning: As soon as Mike is about to win the challenge, Chester kicks in and refuses to eat the meal. This causes Mike's disqualification, but also results in Mike's defeating of his personas. (Though, this happens off-screen, but he is still shown struggling to take them on without the brain scene.); In a sudden elimination, Brick is eliminated because Chris felt like hosting a "surprise ceremony." He is eliminated with votes from Lightning and Scott.
Places: 5th- Mike; 4th- Brick
Cameo: DJ (Same as before, except I decided to throw in him offering Mike & Brick some "DJ sandwiches" after their eliminations.)
My Note: Why eliminate two good characters at the same time, especially when they had a 50/50 chance of winning? Well, honestly, I couldn't see Mike placing higher than fifth or fourth. Brick could've been a finalist, but placing fourth seemed right for him to me. I eliminated Mike here so he had some reason to rid of his MPD, but in my series he only makes it so his personas trigger off when he wants them to (which is what fixes the plot-hole as to why they are present in All-Stars). I eliminated Brick because I felt like he needed to be out around this time.

"The Enchanted Franken-Forest"
Eliminated: Lightning
Reasoning: Jo gets the ability to decide whether Scott or Lightning go home. She is reluctant on eliminating Scott, believing that Lightning will be easier to defeat in a brain-on-brain finale, though Scott finds out and reminds her of their "alliance." Jo then chooses Lightning for the Hurl, and the finalists are chosen.
Place: 3rd
Cameo: Courtney (Chris allows her to be a temporary co-host, since Chef is absent for the episode. Her role is to boss the final three around and incite drama.)
My Note: Lightning being a finalist wouldn't work in my series; him placing third would. I just felt that Lightning needed to make it farther along with Jo, but not too far.

"Fail vs. Flunk: The Ultimate Showdown"
Eliminated: Jo
Reasoning: Scott reveals that he lost some respect for Jo ever since she almost eliminated him in the previous episode. During the challenge, Jo is about to take Scott down, but he pleads for mercy, complaining that his farmer's home needs the million. Out of sympathy for the farmer boy, Jo lets him win, as long as he gives her a quarter of the million. In the end, Scott reveals that he had manipulated her and had finally fulfilled his role as the main villain. But, nevertheless, he does share the money due to her boosting him through the game.
Cameos: Every eliminated/non-competing contestant cameos in the peanut gallery.
Place: 2nd
Winner: Scott
My Note: During the challenge, Chef unleashes the mutant creatures that he gathered up for the finale, which is why he was absent during the previous episode.

"Fail vs. Flunk: The Ultimate Showdown"
Eliminated: Scott
Reasoning: Scott reveals that he lost some respect for Jo ever since she almost eliminated him in the previous episode. During the challenge, Jo ultimately beats him due to her strength.
Place: 2nd (alternative ending)
Winner: Jo (alternative ending)


So, in my series, the finale is a "thesis" as to who competes in TDAS. The final five of each season all compete in a challenge similar to the one in "Basic Straining," and sixteen contestants are chosen. However, one of them turned out be a fraud contestant (Ezekiel), and he wasn't allowed to compete in the series he debuted in.

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