Hey guys, TheScottBird here with another fan-made elimination order. You can check out my other elimination orders if you'd like here, but this blog post contains my elimination order for Total Drama: Pahkitew Island only. So enjoy!


"So, Uh This Is My Team?"
Eliminated: Leonard
Reasoning: His method of building a wizard's castle caused his downfall.
Notes: As I stated above, costing your team the challenge and a shelter for the rest of the season is pretty harsh compared to pretending Sugar farted.
Place: 14th

"I Love You, Grease Pig!"
Eliminated: Beardo
Reasoning: During the challenge, he decides to "roleplay" (make sound effects) while carrying his team's pig, so he ends up losing the challenge for his team in a similar manner to Leonard in the actual series.
Notes: I believe Leonard should have been cannoned in place of Beardo in the pilot episode, but Beardo still doesn't deserve to go farther than 13th.
Place: 13th

"Twinning Isn't Everything"
Eliminated: Amy
Reasoning: Same as before.
Notes: This is one of the best eliminations the entire TD series has brought to us, so how could I possibly change it?
Place: Returns in A Blast from the Past

"I Love You, I Love You Knots"
Eliminated: Rodney
Reasoning: Same as before.
Notes: There's really no other good place for Rodney to get eliminated at. This episode was made pretty much for the sole purpose of causing the elimination of Rodney.
Place: 12th

"A Blash from the Past"
Eliminated: N/A
Reasoning: Well, here's my first interesting elimination. Amy returns as normal, but since she was unfairly eliminated last time - Chris puts Amy on Team Maskwak and keeps Samey in the competition, just to avoid confusion as to which twin is which.
Notes: I felt that the twin storyline was rushed in the actual season, so I'm expanding it here.
Place: N/A

"Mo Monkey, Mo Problems"
Eliminated: Max
Reasoning: Same as before. But what saved Ella from disqualification was Scarlett. Scarlett overheard Sugar in the confessional talking about getting Ella eliminated, so Scarlett (wanting Max gone) decides to inform Ella's team about the information. This causes them to defend Ella after Chris reads what Sugar wrote, and also causes Ella to realize that Sugar is the enemy and not a friend.
Notes: The Ella and Sugar conflict/friendship should have lasted longer, so like the sibling rivalry, I'm keeping it for a little longer. Plus, Max placing fifth? That shouldn't have happened.
Place: 11th

"This Is The Pits!"
Eliminated: Topher
Reasoning: Instead of being eliminated in the next episode, Topher is eliminated here. Chris was already planning on this episode being a reward challenge, but after being told by Scarlett that Topher stole his cell phone, Chris disqualifies Topher from the competition.
Notes: Topher stayed for a little too long and did just about nothing but obsess over Chris. His storyline in Three Zones and A Baby was pretty wasted, so I believe he should have went in this episode. Plus, this also gives Scarlett another antagonistic role.
Place: 10th

"Three Zones and A Baby"
Eliminated: Ella & Sugar
Reasoning: After already being labeled as a threat and a backstabber by her team after the events of Mo Monkey Mo Problems, Sugar loses this challenge for her team by wanting to keep her baby to use it as an attraction for her future role as a model. To do this, she constantly causes her team to lag behind "by accident," but her team quickly catches on to what she's doing. At the elimination ceremony, Ella sings a song about her hatred for Sugar, but Chris says that Ella is really annoying him, and like Max in the actual season, is disqualified for being an "annoyance." Before she leaves, though, she and Sugar sing a duet before being placed into the cannon and blasted away.
Notes: Sugar should not have made it far. I honestly do not like Sugar as a character at all. In fact, I hate her! Not just because of what she did to Ella, but because of the way she acts. I just don't like her. But just because I despise a character doesn't mean I'm going to take them out early on purpose. This was a good place for Sugar to be eliminated at. She shouldn't have made it to the final three, and she shouldn't have passed merge. The final pre-merge episode is the best to feature her downfall, in my opinion. Plus, this makes three direct eliminations caused by Scarlett, but no one really takes her for an antagonist yet. I eliminated Ella here because, well, to be honest I forgot to give Ella an elimination - and in my elimination order, without Sugar, Ella really has no plot yet. She's still involved in that love triangle thing, but after the events of "Mo Monkey Mo Problems" she's more interested in eliminating Sugar.
Places: Sugar - 9th, Ella - 8th

"Hurl and Go Seek"
Eliminated: Shawn
Reasoning: During the challenge, he does end up defeating all of the "zombies," but he doesn't win. Since Samey (who replaces Sugar the "finder"), as a zombie, technically found him and Jasmine up in the tree along with the others - Samey wins invincibility and Shawn and Jasmine are up for elimination. Due to Shawn mistaking the others as the undead and trying to kill them, Shawn is eliminated. Jasmine thanks Shawn for trying to save her, and the two kiss and become a couple, similar to Harold's elimination in X-Treme Torture.
Notes: Shawn is my favorite character this whole season, but he didn't deserve to win or make it to the finale for that matter. I always thought he should have just stayed a sort of "supporting" underdog, like Harold or Trent. I also made this episode less-centered on Skave because...well...Jashawn shouldn't have been the main focus of the season. I think Skave should have. So Skave does not fight in this episode, nor does Dave become a whiner. More Skave moments can be found below if you continue reading.
Place: 7th

"Scarlett Fever"
Eliminated: Scarlett
Reasoning: Same as before.
Notes: How could I change such a dramatic and surprising episode? There are a few changes though. Skave are the ones trapped in the laser beam trap instead of Jashawn, and Amy, Samey, and Jasmine are the ones together in place of Sugar and Sky.
Place: 6th

"Sky Fall"
Eliminated: Amy
Reasoning: During the race up the hill, Amy and Samey have one of those "heartwarming" Total Drama moments...with the sad music and all...and the tear-making dialogue. Amy is lagging behind in the challenge, and she begins crying. Samey, who is in 4th place above her, goes to see what's wrong with her evil twin. Amy apologizes for being mean to her sister and the two have a talk or whatever. The two then hug, but Samey pushes away her twin. Still going with Jasmine's advice, Samey tells Amy that after all of the torture she had put her through, they will never be friends. With the others all making it to the flag, Amy comes in last place and is disqualified from the competition.
Notes: This is where the twin story-arc comes to an end. I know it's not great, but at least it's better than the crap the writers pulled in A Blast from the Past.
Place: 5th

"Pahk'd With Talent"
Eliminated: Dave and Samey
Reasoning: Well, here goes. Dave's challenge is to run through a germ-infested waste dump. Jasmine wins this, Sky comes in second, Samey comes in third, and Dave comes in last. Jasmine's challenge is tree-jumping, like Shawn's in the actual series. Samey places first (in a similar manner to Sugar...but this time, Scuba Bear comes after her so she climbs all the way to the top of tree. Scuba Bear causes the tree to sling-shot Samey to the finish line first.), Jasmine in second, Sky in third, and Dave in last. Samey's challenge is a beauty contest. But, as we all know Chris, he throws in a twist and has interns and bears etc. putting the make-up on the contestants. Dave in first, Sky in second, Jasmine in third, and Samey in fourth. For the final challenge, Sky's is track-running...but Chris changes it to track-running to the death. As the contestants must run through a dangerous obstacle course, Sky comes in first, Jasmine in second, Dave in third, and Samey in last. With the points going: Jasmine - 11 points, Sky - 12 points, Dave - 7, and Samey - 9. This causes Dave to get disqualified, but as a twist, Chris lets the winner - Sky - decide who gets disqualified...Dave or Samey. Knowing that it will be hard enough to beat Jasmine in the finale, she does not want to make it harder by having to beat her "sorta boyfriend." So, she sends Dave home. But she gets to tell him why, and the two kiss. Samey becomes excited about joining the final three, but Chris hushes her and tells her that she is not joining the final three. Samey, confused, asks why. Chris tells her that he is not letting a cheater get to the finale, "after what she pulled" in Twinning Isn't Everything. He then promptly states he was surprised she even made it this far. Dave and Samey are then both cannoned, leaving the final two as Jasmine and Sky.
Notes: Sorry about that long reasoning, but yep, the final two is already here. I figured a female-vs-female finale was in order, and what better females to compete than the two who have the best chance of winning? So Skave ends on a good note and both of the twins have gotten their karma.
Places: Dave - 4th; Samey - 3rd

"Lies, Cries, and One Big Prize"
Eliminated: Jasmine or Sky
Reasoning: The two get to choose partners during the challenge using the button and the TV. As usual, Jashawn and Skave are chosen. The same challenge rolls out, but none of the heartbreaking arrogance part of the challenge happens. Instead, around the time where Chris would break Dave and Jasmine's hearts, he instead hands them remote controllers as usual and says that if the two do not try to ruin their respective partner's enemies (Sky for Shawn and Jasmine for Dave) chances of winning, then their partners are automatically disqualified. So, Shawn and Dave must try to stop the enemy by using the controllers. Don't worry, at one point Dave does accidentally almost kill Jasmine, so he and Shawn start slap-fighting again. XD But anyways, the end of the episode plays out the same with Jasmine or Sky winning by emerging out of the avalanche. But the ending-ending is different. All four of the competitors along with Chris are in Chris's plane, being controlled by Chef. Chris begins signing off the season as Pahkitew Island explodes. Chris then says, "Well, I guess they call it Pahkitew for a reason." As the plane flies off, however, what the people on-board don't know is that a human Ezekiel is clinging onto the tail of the plane. In his normal, home-school accent, he proclaims, "Don't worry, host man! You're gonna get yours!" The season then ends.
Notes: Sorry, I'm noting this. This was just fun to write and I think next season (or if I write my own season as a fanfiction) Ezekiel will return and be the main antagonist, and be even more eviler than Scarlett or Mal. Let's just wait and see what the next season brings us... So I hope you enjoyed :) Leave some feedback below in the comments!
Place: 1st/2nd

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