Hey guys, it's TheScottBird! As I said on ArtDraw12's blog, I am moving all of my elimination orders from my original blog to their own blogs. So, here's TDAS's order.


This is going to be the format of my order:

Eliminated: [Contestant]
Reasonig: [Reason of elimination]
Place: [Rank the eliminated contestant has once eliminated]
Cameo: [Non-competing contestant who cameos this episode]
My Note: [A note concerning why I eliminated the contestant at this point in the series]
Additional notes may be added to express more information.

I will not be posting who goes on exile duty, because I just can't think of anything to do with that right now that would be interesting. In every episode, there is a cameo of an old veteran/second-generation contestant. Also, there are no brain scenes depicted in the series, except for the exception listed below.


"Heroes vs. Villains"
Eliminated: Sam
Reasoning: He volunteers to push the carriages instead of Lindsay, but he tires out and fails to
Place: 14th
Cameo: Ezekiel (Same cameo as before)
Cameo: The alligator from "Broadway, Baby!" (I felt that the alligator needed to cameo since the challenge was a spin-off of the one from the episode it debuted in.)
My Note: I eliminated Sam first this season because I felt that his debut was unnecessary and a waste of an all-star.

"Evil Dread"
Eliminated: Lightning
Reasoning: Same as before, but the "goof" in the episode is fixed
Place: 13th
Cameo: Harold (He cameos to give the contestants scientific help with their digging)
Cameo: Leshawna, Jr. (Harold also brings his old pet snail with him during his cameo, claiming he found her crawling around the Aftermath studio.)
My Note: I felt that this was a good spot to eliminate Lightning at. He didn't have much of a good plot this season in the episodes he survived in, and if he furthered on his only plot would've been with Jo and possibly Heather.

"Saving Private Leechball"
Eliminated: Jo
Reasoning: Same as before
Place: 12th
Cameo: Brick (His reasoning is similar to Harold's, as he aids the teams during the challenge and helps them with their leech guns.)
Cameo: The Grub (I felt that it would be hilarious and a highlight of the season if the Grub from the very first episode of the series is found by the Heroes in their crate, and recites his infamous catchphrase, "Hey now!")
My Note: Like Lightning, I felt that where Jo was eliminated in the actual series is where she should've been eliminated. Sure she had her plotline with Heather, and her forgotten one with Duncan, but other than that she was pretty useless.)

"Food Fright"
Eliminated: Sierra
Reasoning: She leaves the show for Cody
Place: 11th
Cameo: Owen (Instead of making a cameo during the finale, this should-have-been all-star cameos during the food-based challenge...what a coincidence! And I hate to say this, but...fart jokes are included here.)
My Note: Sierra was the most annoying character for me to watch compete this season. After Cameron reveals to her in this episode (in my series) that he is Cameron and not Camody, she quits the show to "save" the real Cody. This is what I wanted to happen in the first episode, but since she had a bit of a plotline going, I kept her in for awhile.)

"Moon Madness"
Notes: As usual, no one is eliminated. And, as usual, Cameron is switched from the Hamsters to the Vultures.
Cameo: Dawn (It's moon madness, and Dawn's the moon child. Her role in the episode is to help the contestants. During the challenge, she discovers Mal, but Mal turns the wildlife against her with his "powers" that we saw in the actual series in "Suckers Punched," and she runs off the episode scared and worried.)
My Notes: Though I couldn't change the team switch from not happening, I decided to conclude that Chris originally planned on Mike switching due to his villainous ways and y'know...him being Mal and all...but Chef tells him to keep Mal on the Hamsters to spice some drama up, so he chooses Cameron instead.

"No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition"
Eliminated: Cameron
Reasoning: After being switched to the Villains' team, they all target him (except Gwen)
Place: 10th
Cameo: Noah (Though Noah can't be labeled an all-star, this episode seemed suitable for him. His role is to help the contestants transfer their eggs, and to keep an eye out on the Spanish opposition, aka the greasy eel.)
My Note: In the actual series, how wasn't Cameron targeted for elimination? Sure, he's smart and could've helped his new team with mathematical help; but his only friend was Gwen, and the other stronger competitors should've thought of him as a weakling holding their team back.

"Suckers Punched"
Notes: Zoey didn't win the reward in the last episode of not having to fight anyone.
Eliminated: Zoey
Reasoning: The Villains get to decide who leaves, and they choose Zoey due to her godplaying.
Place: 9th
Cameo: There are many cameos in this episode, so here is a list:

  • Lindsay has to fight the baby seal from "Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better," and loses.
  • Heather has to fight Leshawna, and loses.
  • Duncan has to fight the baby bird and loses. Chris later reveals that that was played for laughs, and Duncan instead has to fight Trent, and wins.
  • Alejandro has to fight Jose, and wins.
  • Courtney has to fight Harold, and wins.
  • Gwen has to fight Tyler, and loses.
  • Scott has to fight Fang, but Chris reveals that that fight was also just a joke. He actually has to fight B, but since he was already traumatized by Fang's cameo, he loses.
  • Zoey has to fight Anne Maria, and loses.
  • Mal has to fight Izzy as before, and wins.

Cameo: The marshmallow boxing gloves from "Million Dollar Babies" return as the gloves used during the challenge.
My Note: My reason of eliminating Zoey here is due to the fact that in the actual season she was a useless and Mary Sue character. After her elimination, Mal reveals who he really is to her, but she is flushed before she can reveal anything.

"You Regatta Be Kidding Me"
Eliminated: Duncan
Reasoning: Same as before; except "Mike" influences Duncan to use the TNT to destroy Playa des Losers this time.
Place: 8th
Cameo: Mr. Coconut (During Mal's run through Coconut Alley, the coconut that bops him on the head is Mr. Coconut.)
Cameo: Tyler (Tyler cameos and attempts to water-ski during the challenge to aid the contestants, but continues failing as a running gag.)
My Note: I kept the same elimination here because I brainstormed the "Mal persuades Duncan" plot in my mind and instantly decided to use it, as I thought it was clever and a way to boost Mal's antagonism level.

"Zeek And Ye Shall Find"
Eliminated: Lindsay
Reasoning: Mal manipulates her into thinking that the challenge is to help Ezekiel harm Chris, so because of this Chris disqualifies her.
Place: 7th
Cameo: Ezekiel (same as before, except HE ISN'T feral! You can find out why in my TDWT elimination order.)
My Note: I felt that this was a good place to eliminate Lindsay. She didn't have much of a plotline, but she was okay to keep until the Final 7.

"The Obsta-Kill Kourse"
Eliminated: Alejandro
Reasoning: Same as before
Place: 6th
Cameo: Eva (Her role in the episode is to yell at the contestants and make them work their butts out during the challenge.)
My Note: I kept Alejandro's elimination here because it would be Mal's third elimination cause in a row. Also, this episode has Heather finding out about Mal as Mal admits himself to her and Alejandro, but Heather refuses to tell anyone and keep this "her own, little game."

"Sundae Muddy Sundae"
Eliminated: Heather
Reasoning: In a Mal vs. Heather showdown, Mal ends up manipulating everyone into voting Heather out.
Place: 5th
Cameo: The Drama Machine (Due to the machine not appearing in the premiere episode of the season in my series, it makes its first cameo here as it did in the original episode.)
My Note: Heather had a good place of elimination in this episode. That leaves just Mal, Courtney, Gwen, and Scott - the characters who had the biggest storylines this whole season.

"The Bold and the Booty-Ful"
Eliminated: Courtney & Scott
Reasoning: Courtney is eliminated for losing the challenge and not finding her treasure, due to Mal; Scott is eliminated for the same reason as before
Place: Courtney - 4th; Scott - 3rd
Cameo: Staci (It is a pirate challenge, and pirates are known to fib a lot. So guess who cameos? Her role is to lie to the contestants about where their treasure is.)
My Note: I know this finale may be a little predictable, but a villainous hero versus a heroic villain is a gold finale in my opinion. I eliminated Courtney and Scott here for that reason. It could've been Courtney versus Mal, a villainous hero versus villainous hero finale, but Courtney was team-switched, so that wouldn't work out.

"The Final Wreck-ening"
Eliminated: Mal/Mike

Mal attempts to tackle Gwen and drown her as he did to Zoey in the original, but she kicks him in the- (camera pans to Chris holding a bag of peanuts), causing Mike to have to fight Mal in his head. Now this is the only brain scene I'm going to allow to play in the whole season, as it is a major one. This fight scene will actually be a real fist-fight, and the winner gets to keep the body. Since none of the former brain scenes had happened, the other personas are still alive. When Mal is about to win the battle, the other personalities sneak up behind him and beat him for Mike. But, unbeknownst to Mike, when Mal (the most powerful persona) is defeated, so are the others. So it's sort of the same deal, but in a more organized fashion. Back to reality, Mike comes back to his body while Zoey is trying to revive him. When he fully awakens, he darts to the top of the moat, where he finds Gwen already at the sword. He tries to get there quick enough, but realizes without Svetlenta that that is impossible. Gwen then wins the million, and Mike realizes that life without his disorder will actually be harder to adapt to, but that he'll have to get used to it.

Place: 2nd
Winner: Gwen
Cameos: Every eliminated/non-competing contestants cameos as the peanut gallery. Zoey is the only one who has a major role, as Mike's reviver.
My Note: I felt that Gwen should be the official winner since she actually competed, while Mal did everything for Mike. I brought Mike to the finale because he needed a "dramatic exit" to his disorder, which I made happen.
Other note: This will be the only ending made. This is because I really think it is unfair if a country has Mike winning when he didn't compete for the majority of this season's episodes.


Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this! Leave me some feedback below! My TDRI order is getting its own blog next. Stay tuned and on the lookout for it! ScottBird...out! --It's a bird, it's a plane! Nope, it's just ScottBird (talk) (blog) (rankings) 03:18, February 8, 2014 (UTC)

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