Hey guys, TheScottBird here. This is my honest opinion on all of the Zoey bashing that's been taking place on the wiki. Now, from my point of view, Zoey is a really bland character. Don't get me wrong, she's an okay character...but really bland at the same time. Her run on TDRI was okay, but her being dependent on Mike (and only Mike!) was what made everyone believe she was bland. Commando Zoey was her only real "plotline," but it lasted for one episode and made her seem like a "God player." Her run on TDAS was pretty much the same, she could God play at times and always was dependent on Mike. But there was a catch the writers added this time - Mal. Mal is the main antagonist of the season, and he takes over Mike's body and traps Mike into his brain... Well, Zoey never notices Mal is Mike until the penultimate episode. That's a ton of time it took her to realize, and she had to have Duncan, Izzy, and Alejandro give her clues... That's where the bashing's coming from. But aside from the cons, Zoey is an okay character to me.

But the real reason I made this blog post is because I want to explain to you Zoey supports and Zoey bashers. Zoey isn't the only character with pros and cons. Every character has them! And there is a lot of Mike and Cameron bashing on here also, and those bashes are the same as Zoey's, but about two different characters! Here's my examples:

(Note: These are all my opinions...)

Ezekiel - Pros: He was an okay character to like during his time from TDI-the beginning of TDWT, and his "wannabe playa" personality was amusing; Cons: His "Freakzekiel" self, which lasted from the middle of TDWT-now.

Eva - Pros: Her anger issues are humorous most of the time; Cons: But sometimes, they can get a little annoying and be the only things that give her character.

Noah - Pros: This guy is pretty likeable. He's funny, sarcastic, and sometimes a little devious; Cons: Some episodes he takes part in just plain out ruin his character. Take "Dodgebrawl" for example. His jokes throughout the challenge were hilarious, but his overall laziness and rudeness just did not match with how he acted later and before.

Justin - Pros: His fails at being an antagonist in TDA were some of the highlights of the season; Cons: His silent-treatment throughout TDI and the Aftermaths of TDWT were what made me begin to hate him after season two.

Katie & Sadie - Pros: They were funny at times during their run on TDI, and that's me being truthful; Cons: Their constant "ee"ing and overall annoyingness were what led to me hating them.

Tyler - Pros: Like Noah, he's a likeable underdog. His fails at being sporty are funny, and his confusion about Lindsay are funny too; Cons: Sometimes his failure jokes can be a tad annoying though.

Izzy - Pros: She's an overall enjoyable character. Her criminal record jokes are hilarious during TDI; Cons: Her constant returning to the competition annoyed me, especially during TDA. "Smart Isabella" during TDWT was also a flaw for her.

Cody - Pros: His "perviness" made him an enjoyable character during TDI; Cons: His conflict/friendship with Sierra is what derailed him in my opinion.

Now I'm not going to list all of the contestants, but those are some of them. If I wanted to, I can list every character and put one or more cons about them and one or more pros about them. So see? Zoey is not the only "good/bad" character! Even if she is the blandest (along with Mike without his disorder) she still has some pros to her character!

Thanks for reading! If you'd like: please post a comment below with a character you think has no pros or no cons surrounding them. I (or another user, if they'd like) will try to comment back listing one to you. Thanks! --It's a bird, it's a plane! Nope, it's just ScottBird (talk) (blog) (rankings) 19:37, February 1, 2014 (UTC)

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