Hey guys. This was a blog post game, but I have just discovered that blog post games have been banned as of today. So instead, I thought I'd just say which contestants I think deserve another chance on the show and why.

(Please take note that I cannot edit the title of this blog, or I would. Sorry about that.)

  • Ezekiel: I mean come on. He was eliminated first in every season he competed in. He was turned into a feral beast and has been like that for three seasons in a row. They need to unmutate him and let him compete again. I'm sure after all that torture he'd make it far.
  • Eva: She definitley deserves another chance. She may have been an underrated contestant, but if she wasn't manipulated the way that she was, then I believe she would've made it far.
  • Noah: Even though he is one of the underdogs who made it two TDWT, he was eliminated too early there too. He isn't that strong of a contestant, but he is funny and can figure out the tactics of the antagonist(s) quickly.
  • Justin: He was the main antagonist of TDA, but his "charm" wore off fast. He didn't get that much time to do anything really antagonistic, so I think he deserves another chance to become "not quite famous." (I love puns!)
  • Katie & Sadie: Even though they both are definitley not my favorite contestants, they got very really competition time. If that whole "sisterly love" argument wouldn't have broken out between them, they both could've worked together to make it far.
  • Tyler: Along with Noah, Tyler was one of the underdogs to make it to another season. He did make it slightly farther than other underdogs in his returning seasons, but he still didn't get enough competiting time and was too involved with the Gwuncan kiss to try.
  • Cody: I know. I know. He made it to the final three before, but I believe that if he competes in a season without Sierra, that he could make it far and possibly win. He's got the brains to do it, I know he does.
  • I know she was a finalist, but she didn't get enough competition time in TDI and was wasting her winning time on Heather. I believe that, like in TDA, if she gets another chance that she could make it far.
  • Harold: I have no clue why Harold wasn't considered an all-star. They could've just put him in instead of Lindsay! But aside from that, Harold is my favorite character and a strong competitor. He could probably win if he tried really hard.
  • Trent: Trent was unfairly cheated out of the game in TDA and in TDI. He could definitley win if he competed again.
  • Leshawna: Even though she is considered an "all-star," (Well, not by the writers' standars.) she still deserves to compete again in books. She didn't really get enough time to win, as she was unrightfully eliminated in TDI. If "Haute Camp-Ture" didn't happen, Leshawna would've probably been a finalist.
  • Staci: As much as I hate to say it, Staci deserves more time. If she would (eventually she'll have to...) shut her pie-hole, she may make it far. The world may never know.
  • Lightning: He was a finalist, but was being pressured under the alliance with Jo during his debut season. In his all-star season, he was pretty much cheated out. (See Evil Dread for info why; in the "Goofs" section.)
  • B: Even if he doesn't talk again, his brains and strategies will make him go far. No dobut about it.
  • Dawn: Dawn is a fan-favorite, even though she didn't make it far. Her nature-talking abilities will allow her to go for the win. I believe that.
  • Brick: Brick was a loyal contestant. He was booted off because he was helping his former team. I give props to this guy. If he wasn't on a team full of people who will do anything for the million, he would've made it far.
  • Mike: The only reason Mike is here is because of this...In this fanon season, if Mike actually cures himself of his disorder from pre-season to post-season, then I'd like him to join. Mike is totally undeveloped, well not a lot. But we don't get to see much of "Mike," instead we are shown lots more of his multiple personas.

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