NOTE: CLICK here for my theory on Mal and Mike.

Hey guys. I've decided to make this blog post to show support to the new main antagonist of TDAS, Mal.

Many people have been stating that Mal is a terrible antagonist. I think he is a very interesting and entertaining one. The reson many people dislike him is because he hasn't "done anything very antagonistic yet." Well, stealing other contestants' valuables did, at some point, get them the boot or ruin their chances of surviving on the show. He broke Sam's and Sierra's favorite valuables, tries killing people during the Blue Harvest Moon (clubbing Zoey off of a cliff), breaks Duncan's only other chance to be bad (his pocket-knife), breaks boats to stall the challenge, and literally kills Cameron but he ends up falling into a river instead of falling to his death.

So Mal isn't all that bad. Many people don't realize this, but he has used a little bit of each of the former antagonists' tactics:

Heather: manipulating every contestant into thinking he was Mike; Courtney: caused eliminations (Cameron's); Justin/Alejandro: he didn't really womanize anyone, but he did make Zoey believe he was Mike, so thus Zoey is attracted him; Scott: throwing challenges for his team - he rigged the Salad Spinner from "Food Fright," causing even his team to mess up during the challenge

Those are just some examples. I'm fine with you disliking The Malevolent One, but I'm trying to support him. He's certainly not the BEST antagonist, but he's a fine one by my standards. A main reason I like Mal is because of his voice. It's fricking sweet!

Well thanks for reading. Comment on your opinions of Mal. Put the "like" template if you agree and like Mal, put the "dislike" template if you dislike Mal.

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