Hey guys, me here. I know I had posted a blog before entitled "A Better All-Stars," but the format of the blog messed up and was all sloppy. Plus, reading that one over, it really didn't satisfy me. This blog is going to be small bits 'n pieces of "Total Drama All-Stars" that could've been removed/added to make the season more enjoyable to watch.

The season is still going to have thirteen episodes, and the teams/contestants competing will still stay the same. All eliminations will be the same.

Heroes vs. Villains

Most of this episode will stay the same. There are only two major differences.

  • At the beginning (and throughout the season), Mike's MPD will still be disbanded as it was at the end of TDRI.
  • At the end of the episode, Sierra will leave her carriage and the Hamsters will notice that she was crushing Courtney inside of it. Someone would then exclaim, "Sierra, you were crushing Courtney and made the pushing harder!" This would lead the final two at the elimination ceremony to be Lindsay and Sierra (to make it more suspenseful).

Evil Dread

Again, most of the this episode would stay the same, but the Mal crud kind of contradicts that statement.

  • Mike (not Manitoba Smith) notices Scott trying to sabotage the Hamsters, and asks him what he is planning on doing. Scott then hesitates and runs away, but when he turns around the shovel he is wielding bonks Mike on the head. He then passes out, and wakes up to see Zoey standing over him trying to wake him up. Nothing else happens to give proof that Mal is awake.
  • Lightning would miscount the pieces as usual, but he is the one to find the one he forgot to count. He tosses it to Jo, but when she catches it she accidentally falls into the "crab pit." Thus, the final two at the campfire ceremony are Lightning and Jo.

Saving Private Leechball

No Mal scenes are shown in this episode, so Mal is still unconfirmed.

  • Sam's GameGuy would still break as usual, but the scene showing Mal breaking it is not featured. Instead, Sam returns from Boney Island to find his handheld machine broken in half, with a light-blue sticker on it. The sticker features an outline of Mal's head, but no one knows what the outlining is depicting.
  • Instead of dodging about fifty leeches (tossed by Jo), Zoey would run away from two that Jo fired and they would land on the ground. Zoey, hesitating a lot because Jo is supposed to be superior to her, picks up a fallen leech and throws it at Jo. Jo isn't paying attention and is reloading her sling-shot, thus causing the leech to hit her while she isn't paying attention.
  • Jo's elimination is still pretty obvious, but there's no way it can't be. She lost to an egg butt. But anyways, the team switch still occurs.

Food Fright

Mal still doesn't appear. Just reminding everyone.

  • Sierra will find her SmartPhone broken, but again, how it really broke would not be revealed. The Mal sticker will be on it, like on Sam's GameGuy.
  • When no living soul is paying attention, the spinning obstacle of the course is tampered with. When the contestants hear sparks flying out of the spinner's machinery, they turn and see a shadowy figure run from the sparking machine into the forest. It is too hard to notice who the shadow belongs to, but it could've been any of the contestants on the bench. Mike was already one of them, but no one expected him.
  • Instead of Sam cheating, when the contestants are hearing who gets a marshmallow, when Sam receives his some pancakes fall out of his pockets. Chris then realizes he was cheating and disqualifies him from the competition. Sam pleads that he didn't cheat, but Chris does not buy the video game junkie's "lies."

Moon Madness

Okay, okay... This episode... Well, Mal isn't here, so the plot really changes. When the "Blue Harvest moon" occurs, Chris is the one to turn nicer and not the animals and Mike. Heather still turns nicer to spite Alejandro, but that's just their little problem. At the end of the episode, Chris reveals that he was faking and the Blue Harvest Moon was just a prop.

  • The challenge's plot was that Chris (or Chef, if he told him to) help the contestants, but the contestants still bicker because they have all of their own "drama."
  • The Hamsters lose because Mike turns into Chester right at the finish line, but turns back a split-second afterwards. Mike wanders why Chester has returned after his death.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Cameron and Mike find a pair of Sam's leftover pants, with the Mal sticker on it. They start to suspect if one of the women are doing the evil crud, because y'know, they're the "main good guys."

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

Okay, well, none of the Mal scenes would be shown, including the rock scene. But... Mike's exile would still be shown.

  • The beginning of the episode would show Mike and Cameron introducing Sam's stickered pants to the others. They would then ponder over who had done it.
  • Zoey is never concerned about Mike throughout the episode.
  • The scene depicting Mike's "evil" shadow in front of Zoey is kept in, but is only shown as a clue. I mean, it does bare some similarity to the sticker...minus the hair-over-eye.
  • Alejandro is never confirmed to have seen Heather hide the statue behind the rock until the elimination ceremony. Though, as soon as she hides it, Alejandro does walk up to her, but she doesn't suspect anything.
  • When Mike whistles on his way to exile, Duncan remembers the whistling. In the confessional, he talks about Mal. This is the first time that Mal is mentioned or touched upon, besides the stickers and the shadow this episode.
  • A well-needed flashback is shown during Duncan's confessional, showing that Mal somewhat does resemble Mike, the shadow, and the sticker.

Suckers Punched

Okay, well I will update this later. So far, to be continued. You liking so far??

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