Hey guys, me here again. I haven't been active lately, but I will be now and then. So the new episode was pretty cool. But this isn't a review, so I'll just point out some major things in a small review. So when Chris tells Zeke, "Let's talk about this." I swear he was gonna allow him back into the game. Nope. Stupid writers. Then guess what, not only is Zeke not turned back to normal, but he disappears. Come on. At least we know we still have a chance for him to turn normal in the finale. Maybe. So here's the main point of the blog.

So, there have been three (four if you count Heather's) eliminations in a row that have been "special." I honestly loved Heather's elimination. Even though it was blatantly obvious she was going home, it was still pretty "dramatic," I would say. Now Sierra's elimination was a good one for me because I really wanted her gone by the second episode, but it wasn't a vote off. The winning team got to choose to boot her off. I mean, come on! I know Cameron would've obviously booted her, and maybe Gwen since the writers have their own little fanfiction of her dating Cameron. But the others would've targeted for Duncan, Cameron, Zoey, or Mike. They're pretty strong competitors to the others.

Then we get Duncan's elimination. I DID NOT see that coming. Even though that leaked elimination confirmed his elimination, it was only surprising because he was disqualified. Chris really called the po-po on Duncan because he's a big cry-baby, but yet the next episode has TWO PEOPLE attempting murder to a small, little pipsqueak. Wow.

Next is Cameron's, which is most recent. So Cameron's I expected, there is NO WAY Mal or Alejandro are going home. So Cam was the only target. Plus Chris already confirmed it in the last episode. I mean, he is host. He sent Cam home for injuries. Cody was in a full body-cast too in season one. Cody got mauled by a bear. Cam got crushed by some rocks. Come on writers, where's the contuinity at? Anywho, this elimination went so fast. I would've liked to see Gwen pick someone off, but then again it would be Alejandro. So no, never mind.

So that's my "review." Are the writers running out of idea for eliminations? Plus, if the list continues, Courtney and Scott are out next - which is most likely a double-elimination, so this'll be fun to watch. Sarcasm. All of the eliminations, except Heather's, were boring and filler for me. Lindsay's was obvious, because Courtney wasn't going first. Lightning's was obvious. Jo's was obvious. Sam's was just a total DUMBA** elimination. Really? The writers wouldn't just allow the Hamsters to lose? They had to make it a sped-up "cheaters revealed" thing? Well, so long folks. This has been TheScottBird! 

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