Hey guys, if you hadn't read my review blog of the finale, read it. But here is my main question: HOW? If there isn't a special for this season, then that's bull. If the originals/newbies return for the seventh season, then that's about two years we have to wait for this bull'! So we know the closure of a couple characters:

  • Mike: Won the million dollars, kissed Zoey finally, has the abilities of his former personas, still dating Zoey, seen floating away on a cabin
  • Zoey: Kissed Mike finally, still dating Mike, cannot godplay anymore, seen floating away on a cabin
  • Gwen: Supposedly has tiny "feelings" for Cameron, seen floating away on a cabin
  • Cameron: Out of his bubble, has a broken arm, seen floating away on a cabin
  • Mr. Coconut: Used as a weapon, supposedly destroyed during the sinking of the island :'(
  • Owen: Loves water-skiing, seen doing the same thing home
  • Chris: Still hosting, preparing for a new season
  • Chef: Still co-hosting, preparing for a new season
  • Animals: Riding away from the island (includes Fang)
  • Mal: Gone forever, revealed to be a personality of Mike's because Mike had a rough time with people picking on him
  • Other personas: Gone forever, commited suicide to help Mike
  • Alejandro: Dating Heather, floating back home
  • Heather: Dating Alejandro, floating back home
  • Other All-Stars: trapped in balloons, floating towards the sun

So what the HECK?! The other All-Stars are just going to die? Ezekiel and Dakota are still mutated? The other contestants aren't there to watch? Did they all get a job or something? So this is it. This is what they leave us with. Unless there is a special soon, then I'm seriously ticked off. That means until Season Seven-Ten, we won't know what happened to the others. Well okay then...

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