Hey guys, me here. This isn's a rant, but sort of a "review" blog. It is concerning the characters from All-Stars. Not all have been ruined, but most have. Here they are:

  • Lindsay: Her character wasn't entirely ruined, but since when did she want to vote herself off? She's suffered a lot more on the show than push a carriage with a player in it.
  • Lightning: Not really ruined. He just wasn't as funny as before. They made him seem more clueless too.
  • Jo: Not really ruined either. She was still pushy and bossy, but wasn't as obsessed with winning than before. And did she really lose to pipsqeak Zoey? Wow.
  • Sam: Since when did Sam cheat? That was just a cheap excuse to find a reasoning for an elimination. Plus his video game obsession is gone, so he has no character left.
  • Heather: She wasn't as ruined as the others. She was almost barely untouched. But she didn't have a lot of gameplan and manipulation planned as before.
  • Sierra: Do I even have to say anything? She's waaay more annoying than before. I almost wanted to kill myself after watching 7 episodes of her do nothing but obsess over Cody. Much more than last season, she's now obsessed with Cam too. Oh my...
  • Cameron: Same old nerdy, annoying Cameron. He wasn't as annoying because he had other people to ineract with besides Mike and Zoey, but other than that he was untouched and left fine.
  • Alejandro: Alejandwalker. He did nothing but walk on his hands to "impress" Heather or something the majority of the show. *facepalm* His one interesting plotine with Mal was only lived for two episodes and a half, and one of the episodes didn't even focus on it! I say that Alex House changed Alejandro in more than his voice, but his antagonizing ways. He did charm Zoey and Gwen, but he didn't mesmerize them with his abilties, which sucked.
  • Courtney: So not much changed about her...Okay a lot was changed. Courtney and Gwen are now butt buddies or something. Come on!

To be continued.

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