This is my audition for Alejandro for Roleplay Reborn's new season, "Global Drama."


Alejandro is in his bedroom admiring many of the trophies he has aligned among the walls. He turns around to look at the camera. "Oh, hello. I am Alejandro Burromuerto. Now I know what you're wandering: why is such a hunk auditioning for some crummy reality show? I don't really need the money and I don't really need the fame, as you can see." He turns around and lets the viewers see his trophy displays. "I am only attempting to join to show the world that I can win any game I enter," he finishes. He then pulls out a handheld mirror and smiles at himself. "Charming, isn't it?" he asks the viewers, referring to his face. A voice from outside the door then yells, "Ha! Al is auditioning for a show he's nowhere close to getting accepted into!" Alejandro then mumbles underneath his breath and turns off the camera.


"Well, here I am. My *Spanish swear* brother was wrong. My whole team is a pack of imbeciles though. I'm not going to focus on getting rid of them right away though... It's Heather that I'm focused on... She's a magnificent godplayer... but I'm better. *chuckles*" [Camera then fizzes]

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