Hey guys, me here. This is my original "fanfiction" of Total Drama All-Stars. For the newer, "better" one, click here.

Heroes vs. Villains

*When Lindsay pushed Sierra back, revealing Courtney was on top of her, it should've been in front of all of the other contestants. Someone would then exclaim, "Sierra! You made the cart harder to push!" and Sierra would say something silly. Thus, at the elimination ceremony, the final two would be Sierra and Lindsay- to make it more suspenceful on who would be flushed.
*Mike would explain to Zoey why his MPD is back. Some type of backstory on what happened during the time between TDRI and this season would be flash-backed.

==Evil Dread==
*When Manitoba Smith gets knocked out due to Scott's shovel, the inside of Mike's brain will be shown and the scene would play as it did originally. Though, Manitoba would rather say, "It's him! He's coming," (instead of mentioining "The Malevolent One"). The "room" would then start to shake as normal, but the portrait of Mike wouldn't turn to a shadowy verson of him, but just nothing but darkness.
*Mal's scene at the campfire ceremony wouldn't be shown.

==Saving Private Leechball==
*Sam's GameGuy would break, without any reasoning. There would just be a weird, strange stamp/sticker on the broken machine. It would be a silouhette of Mal's head, same design and all. The contestants would then wander who caused the destruction, including Mike.
*Instead of dodging about fifteen leeches fired at her by Jo, Zoey would jump out of the way and then shoot her. (It makes seem like Zoey isn't such a "godplayer" that way.)
*Mal's confessional wouldn't be shown.

==Food Fright==
*No Mal scenes would be shown.
*Sierra's SmartPhone would break, like Sam's GameGuy, but it would be unknown who did it. The stamp/sticker would still be there.
*When no one is paying attention (including interns), someone would tamper with the spinner. (A loud crackling sound would be heard.) They would then turn and see a silouhette (not detailed enough to know it's Mike's) run off into the woods. They are unsure who it is, but it could've been one of the contestants on the bench or doing the challenge. (Mike was one of them, but they weren't suspecting him.)
*Instead of Sam's cheating being announced at the last minute, when he was going for exile (knowing he had supplies ahead of time), his pancakes would fall out of his pockets. This prompted him to have immediate elimination (no voting process), and the Villains' elimination ceremony is called off. But Sam did not put the pancakes in there and said that someone else did. Chris doesn't buy it and sends him flushing.

==Moon Madness==
*There's a lot of things about this episode. Instead of the animals changing, Chris would change. The challenge would be peaceful and stuff, y'know. The same as the normal one, but less life threatening. But the moon goes down in the middle of the episode and - BAM! It's dangerous again.
*Again, Mal wouldn't be present.
*Cameron and Mike would find a pair of Sam's pants with the sticker/stamp on it, leading them to believe it's one of the girls doing it.
*Someone would wreak havoc throughout the episode, but it would never be specified who.
*Cameron's glasses would break, and Mal's shadow could still be seen under the staircase, but not mentioned directly that Mike was under there. Mike coming out from under the stairs isn't shown. Also to note, Mal's shadow wouldn't be easy to find and if someone would happen to pause at the moment and find it, it'd be almost impossible to figure out who it belonged it. Mal's arm would also not be shown.

No One Eggspects the Spanish Opposition

  • No Mal scenes would be shown, including the rock scene.
    *All scenes depicting Zoey being concerned about Mike are cut.
    *The silouhette of Mal hiding behind a tree is left in, but it is only a "clue," and is not mentioned by Zoey as being the suspect of the destructions.
    *Alejandro is not confirmed to have watched Heather hide the statue until the ceremony, though he still has a talk with her about it as before.
    *Duncan still remembers Mal from juvie, (Mike still does the whistle while going to exile) and a flashback is shown.

==Suckers Punched==
*Duncan still warns Zoey about Mal, but she doubts him as usual.
*The scene with the animals running over Chef is kept in, but the following (Mal saying "Hey Chef.") is not.
*Chef warning Chris about Mike/Mal is cut.
*Mike's brain scenes are cut out.
*Mal defeating Izzy is still left in, though Mal's voice is not heard, nor does he have any dialouge at all.
*Izzy still mentions Mal as usual, which makes Zoey and Duncan wander about Duncan's theory.
*Duncan and Zoey's conversation at the ceremony still plays as usual, but Zoey doubts that Mike is Mal, and doesn't believe him at least a bit.

==You Regatta Be Kidding Me==
*All brain scenes are cut.
*The boats are seen destroyed when the contestants and Chris get there, but it is unknown who did it. Again, the stamp/sticker is left on a boat.
*Mal is finally revealed to the audience in the confessional, after he makes an alliance with an Alejandro.

==Zeek And Ye Shall Find==
*It is the 100th episode of the show, and (how it should've been) is an hour long special.
* It starts out as normal. Alejandro finds the DVDs and watches them, and realizes that Mal was the one who broke all of the contestants' belongings.
*Courtney and Scott kiss, but the start of their relationship is played out longer.
*Feral Zeke capturing Chris still happens, same challenge happens.
*Mal continues causing other people to lose/almost die, but they never know it's him.
*Alejandro tries to confront Mal, but Zeke captures him.
*At the end, Chris says that he'll let Ezekiel back into the competition if he lets him go. Ezekiel lets him go, but Chris signals to Chef. Chef then comes in and fires his spaghetti gun at Zeke. Zeke falls into the pool of toxic waste and turns normal again. Everyone gasps.
*Chris is about to flush Zeke at the elimination ceremony, as he is about to flush Cameron too. Zeke then yells at him and tells him to keep to his word. Chris groans.
*Zeke is now a contestant.

==The Obsta-Kill Kourse==
*All Mal scenes are kept in.
*Brain scenes are left out, though Mal still gains access to Svelenta, she just isn't shown inside of his brain disappearing.
*Not a lot of stuff changes.
*Mal and Zeke start an "antagonist" alliance, and they together help eliminate Alejandro, unbeknownst to the others.

==Sundae Muddy Sundae==
*Courtney's continuity errors are fixed. She says that this is the farthest she's made it because she unofficially qualified for TDA.
*Courtney accidentally leaves her list in the confessional. Mal goes in to talk about Alejandro and finds it. That explains how he had it.
*During her stay at the hotel, Zoey examines the portraits. She eventually finds the DVD and plays it. She then realizes who Mal is.
*More Zeke/Mal moments.

==The Bold and the Booty-ful==
*All Mal scenes are left in.
*At the beginning, Zoey brings Gwen into the hotel to watch the DVD. Both know of Mal's presence, but don't say anything. Scott is unaware.
*Mal actually does hit Gwen with the club in the demolished "cottage," and knocks her out. She still finds a good, intact painting though.
*Mal ends up still bringing Scott as his founding, and Scott is instead flushed for being eliminated.
*Zoey ends up eliminating Gwen, and Gwen understands why. (to help Mike/Mal)
*More Mal/Zeke moments.

The Final Wreck-ening

Okay, here we go:...
*This is an hour-long special.
*Mal and Zoey argue at the beginning as usual (with Zeke there too) and the episode plays out normally...
*Until the "fart bubbles" moment with Owen. They float away to the sun, and it is the final two and their partners' job to rescue them. Mal still gets Heather and Alejandro, Zoey gets Cameron and Gwen, but Zeke rides solo. They get to pick from a variety of aircraft vehicles: most of the vehicles the TDRI contestants made from last season, the yellow helicoptor, only the cockpit of the TD-Jumbo Jet, etc. Mal picks the yellow airplane, Zeke picks Cameron's aircraft from last season, and Zoey picks the cockpit. The two fly up (with their partners) to rescue the others. Chris and Chef follow them, using jetpacks. Mal starts teasing Zoey and ramming into her cockpit, which launches Gwen out of it. Luckily, she falls into a pool of green jelly below. (This would kill her in real life, but it's a cartoon stil...) Mal is able to rescue Duncan, Jo, Lightning, and Scott. Zeke rescues Sam, Lindsay, and Courtney. Zoey rescues Sierra.
*Mal wins the challenge, and the next part is revealed. Down on the ground, a giant moat is seen. The first part of it is surrounded with toxic waste. The next part has a race similar to the one from TDI, the third part has the former TD contestants on bleachers waiting to give triva questions to the finalisits, and the fourth part has a volcano parkour and some wild animals from the island guarding them all. These all reference the former finales.
*Mal is able to pass the first one easily, same with Zoey. Zeke is very careful though, because he is worried about last time.  On the second part, Mal pushes Cameron off, which leads him to be unable to move. Sierra and Zoey reach the second part at the same time as Mal and his partners and Zeke.
*The three finalists lose their original partners and can now pick three contestants (competed this season or not) to work with them, as long as the selected contestant agrees. Mal picks Duncan, and it is revealed that Mal remembers "Punky Duncy" (his old juvie name) from when they were in juvie together. Zoey picks Brick, and Zeke picks Tyler. Mal then goes for Dawn, but she objects so Zoey picks her. Mal goes with Noah and Eva as his final two to pick. Zeke picks Izzy and Cody. Zoey's final pick is B.
*As a twist, the three are given three questions (easy, average, difficult) about their selected teammates. If they get them all right, they could work with them. Zoey and Mal get them all right, but Zeke misses Cody's difficult one.
*The three teams now race to the lava parkour. Zoey is trapped on moving rocks, and Zeke easily progresses forward. Mal stops next to her and kneels down. This is their conversation (the rest of this section will be in "story mode" too):
Mal: Foolish Zoey, do you know who I am?

Zoey: Yeah, you're Mal! And I'm going to defeat you to get Mike back!

Mal: (evilly chuckles) Zoey, Zoey, Zoey. How dumb can you be? Mike is never coming back. So here, talk to him before he vanishes for good. (his face then turns to Mike's)

Mike: Zoey...

Zoey: Mike!

Mike: Listen Zoey, I have a confession to make. I'm one of Mal's alternate personalities. (Zoey gasps, Chris spits out his coffee, Zeke and his team stop progressing) I'm really sorry. You see, Mal was a bad kid. A very bad one. He almost murdered one of his bullies. That's right, he was bullied a lot. That's why he turned like this. After going to juvie for so many years, Mal was given extreme counceling. They found out he had MPD, and then they counceled him enough for him to give birth to me. I'm the good Mal, Mal is...the bad Mal. I'm sorry, but I'm afraid I'm going to die now. Mal has become too evil again, too evil for me to handle.

Zoey: Mike, don't leave me! (her eyes start watering)

Mike: I'm sorry Zoey. (his eyes start watering)

(Zoey then kisses him, as the music that usually plays, such as Gwen & Trent's TDI kiss, plays)

Mal: (takes over the body as Mike screams "No!") There you have it, Ms. Gullible. I'm Mike! Well, really, there is no Mike! I'm Mal and that's final!

He then kicks Zoey, but B punches him back. Mal growls and punches B. "Enough of this!" Mal shouted as he stormed off. Zeke then waited for him. "Hey Mal, we should get going and leave Zoey behind," Zeke explained. "No! This is my game now, my game!" Mal shouted as he pushed Zeke back. Dakotazoid runs up out of nowhere and saves Zeke from falling into the toxic waste below, but she falls in herself by accident. She then pops out normal. "Yes, thanks Zeke!" she shouted. "No problem! Now let me crush Mal!" Zeke answered back. It is then an epic race between the three finalists to the finish line. Halfway there, Chris stops them. "You guys can now leave your partners behind. It's all up to you now," he exclaims. The three run at full speed ahead. "Wait, where are we going anyways?" Zeke asked. "Oh yeah, there is a sword stuck in a stone at the end of the finish line. Whoever pulls it out first wins!" Chris explained. They then all groaned. Down at the bottom of the moat, Owen is playing with Mr. Coconut. "Then Mr. Coconut goes down the swirly slide...," Owen said as he placed Mr. Coconut into the bazooka and accidentally fired him. "Uh-oh," he said, worried. At the top, the finalists make it to the finish line. "The million is mine!" Mal shouted. "No, it's mine, you betrayer!" Zeke shouted back. They all then grunted as Mr. Coconut zoomed down towards them. "Look out!" Zoey shouted. Zeke and Zoey then ran away as the coconut hit off of Mal's head, and knocked the sword out. "Yes! Yes! I won!" Mal shouted as Zoey and Zeke frowned. "Not exactly. Someone else knocked the sword out...," Chris said. "Who? Me?" Owen shouted from below. "No, Owen! Mr. Coconut did!" Chris exclaimed. "What?" the three finalists asked. "That's right! Mr. Coconut wins Total Drama All-Stars!" Chris shouted. Mal then got on his knees and shouted, "Noooo!" Chef then flew up to them, panting, on his jetpack. "Chris! Why is Mr. Coconut up here?" Chef asked. "Because he is... Why? What's the problem?" Chris asked. "That Mal kid stuffed Mr. Coconut with TNT!" Chef shouted. Chris then frowned at Mal. He laughed nervously. "Run!" he shouted. They all then ran off the moat and got into their vehicles. The veterans then ran off too. Total Drama Island then began to explode. Animals popped out of holes, the interns ran away, and fireworks burst into the air in the picture of the sticker/stamp of Mal's silouhetted face. Zoey frowned at Mal. "What? It was supposed to reveal it was me breaking things!" Mal shouted. When the island finally exploded, everyone was sitting on rafts, floating on Lake Wawanakwa. Chris then got a phone call from the network. They told him that they were so thrilled about the finale that they've greenlit another season, with an all-new cast. "What? You can't leave me out of season six!" Mal shouted. Chris then laughed. "Yes, I can," Chris said. He then closed off the episode as normal, and the normal ending happened with Owen on the jet-skis.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed. Here's some extra info: When Mal's pretending to be Mike, he looks just like him, not with the bags under his eyes.

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